Yes, its now been five years since we played our first ever gig, at The Georgian Theatre in Stockton-On-Tees – which I suppose marked the start of our official existence as a band. We played for twelve epic, genre-defying, era-defining minutes. Twelve minutes that would change the world forever.

In the five years that have passed we have acheived more than we could ever have anticipated, and yet we have acheived practically nothing – leaving a mark on the public conciousness so microscopically small no scientific instrument has yet been invented that could measure it.

We’ve ploughed through umpteen band members, some of whom we’re still friends with, some of whom (justifiably, perhaps) still barely talk to us. We’ve released one demo EP, three 7″ singles, one album, and shortly a Christmas single. We’ve been reviewed in the national press (both favourably and less so), recorded radio sessions of varying quality for 6 music, Xfm, and at Maida Vale for Radio 1, toured all over the UK and Europe, and made a lot of friends on the way.

Ten days ago we played our 207th gig, at The Empire in Middlesbrough supporting our infinitely more popular and succesful friends The Chapman Family. We decided that gig would be a watershed for the band, and that we’d no longer be playing anything that we have released up until this point. Two songs from that set (‘Robot’ and ‘Orange Shop’) we played at our first ever gig, and we must have played a couple of thousand times by now. We’re still really proud of everything we’ve released up until now, but we have no desire to play any of it anymore. This is all incredibly self-indulgent I know, but if you can’t be self-indulgent on your own blog where can you be?

So this winter marks the beginning of a new chapter for the band. We’ve decided that we’re not going to be playing any gigs until April or May at the earliest. We’ve already begun recording our second album, and we’re some distance into writing the third. We’ve long since given up any idea of trying to ‘make it’ as a ridiculous waste of time, and instead have realised that the only thing worth striving for is to be absolutely as good a band as we can be – both on record and live. We realise that in the past we haven’t always been, and that’s a pretty disappointing feeling.

When we do eventually return, you should hopefully notice the change. We may not emerge from our chrysalis as a spectacular butterfly, but we will hopefully at least be a fairly interesting moth.

Until then, thank you to all the countless people who have helped us over the last five years. Its been… emotional.

Andy (& Laura, & Wes)