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If you need to hire classical musicians, consult someone who is immersed in the local professional classical music world. An excellent place to start is your local symphony orchestra. Don’t call the conductor or the concert master, call the marketing director and tell him or her what you are looking for.

The person that holds that job will know every classical musician affiliated with the orchestra, and may well be aware of one or more musicians that work in quartets or small ensembles for private events. Virtually every orchestra of note belongs to the national symphony organization found at

The world of professional classical musicians is a relatively small one, even in very large cities, up to, and including New York. A lot of professional musicians have worked together and known each other by reputation or professional experience. In a similar way, the people who are involved in the arts specifically the musical arts tend to know something about classical musicians who are working in group ensembles for events.

Most classical musicians who make a living in the music world belong to the American Federation of Musicians. You can consult the union local for suggestions how you go about screening the musicians that are suggested by a hiring hall is an issue you may need to avoid, however.

Large hotel and country club catering departments put together formal events on a weekly basis. Catering directors at such facilities are going to know of classical musicians that are available for a variety of events. The trick here will be eliciting cooperation from an employee of a facility that you may not be using for your event.

Most marketing and catering directors understand the value of good public relations however, and know that helping out a non-client can lead to recommendations down the line.

In many cities, the fine arts performing facilities are operated by a group of city or county employees. The programming personnel for these facilities will be familiar with many of the classical musicians in the area and the groups with which they play. A large number of classical musicians have multiple jobs in their repertoire.

There are only a few cities where the symphony orchestra is strong enough to pay its musicians well enough so that the orchestra is a full time job. Many musicians supplement income by teaching and/or playing for small ensembles that work on the commercial circuit: weddings, formal parties and so forth.

Another suggested website is:

Consulting the music department at your local college might be a productive avenue of inquiry as well. More specifically, consulting faculty members who are also working musicians of which there are many.

Classical musicians tend to be supportive of one another on these sorts of inquiries. If the person you reach is not working for the type of ensemble you’re looking for, you’ll likely get a recommendation for another musician or resource.

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A bride-to-be has a full plate when it comes to making decisions and narrowing away options for her special day. If you’re about to be married, then you know all about the potential stresses of wedding planning. Who knew it would be so hard, right? With so many details to organize and so many elements of your wedding day to make special, it is hard to keep track of everything that is important. One element of good weddings that is often overlooked is the music. A ceremony and a reception are never complete without a good selection of wedding music. Doing a music search or two might be the best ways to find good tunes.

I love helping brides plan every detail of their weddings. It is what I do for fun and it is also my job. I love helping make weddings extra special by adding tiny touches that are often overlooked by a busy bride. The music is one such element that is often thrown together at the last minute. I encourage all my brides-to-be to do a vast music search to come up with music choices for both the ceremony and the reception.

Doing a music search can seem overwhelming to brides, but it doesn’t have to be. When there are many places that a bride can do a music search, I always encourage a bride to start with going through her personal CD collection to begin the music search. Why? It is simple: because all of your CD’s represent the music you love most, so why not do a music search through your albums and see what kind of good tunes you can find for your massive day. You will come upon some of your favorite songs that you haven’t heard in years but that’ll be wonderful for wedding ceremony or to dance to at your reception.

Another good source for a music search is through the CD’s of your close friends and family. Gathering music this way is a good method to ensure that you’re choosing music that is already listened to and enjoyed by people. There is nothing worse than getting to a wedding reception and knowing none of the music. So do a music search through CD cases and I guarentee that you’ll come up with a lot.

If you’re still in need of more good music, do a music search online. There are many good sites to sample music and to purchase songs for a minimal fee. You can round out your wedding music collection by visiting an online music search or two.

Take your time. Find good music. Everyone who attends your wedding will love it.

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It doesn’t matter when it was written, a music piece always has a functional part for bass written into the music line. Whether it is using the foot keyboard on an organ, playing a standing double bass with a bow, or playing the tuba, all music has needed a foundation, and this is found in the form of a bass line. Music would sound hollow and incomplete without a driving bass line. When jazz came upon the scene as did blues and rock and roll, a different kind of instrument was needed to provide the strong bass line. The bass guitar was then invented.

Since the 1930s, bass guitars have had the form we know them in now, but the Bass, which preceded it, has been on the scene a lot longer. The bass guitar was different from the bass that everyone had been familiar with for many years though. Instead of playing it vertically and either plucking the strings or pulling a bow across the strings, the bass guitar is played just like a regular guitar and is held horizontally. The bass guitar looks similar to an electric guitar in that it’s body is solid, but the bass guitar has a longer neck than an electric guitar. Unlike the hollow acoustic guitar which allows amplification through the sound hole, the sound of a bass guitar must be plugged into an amplifier and speaker to be amplified. A typical bass guitar has four strings tuned so they are an octave lower than a regular guitar’s lowest strings. It is generally played by plucking or thumping the strings, unlike other guitars which are strummed. Bass guitars are considered rhythm instruments because they give music a harmonic foundation and help keep the beat the way drums do.
In the 1950s, the famous name of Fender produced the first electric bass guitar for the masses. Right from its inception, quite a few professional musicians started to tour with Fender’s electric bass. It was pioneered by William ‘Monk’ Montgomery and Roy Johnson. These men both played the bass guitar under the visionary musician and bandleader, Lionel Hampton. This man was very open-minded. Mr. Hampton along with his very best bass players helped the Fender electric bass guitar achieve respect and popularity among musicians. Shortly after Fender released his first Fender Precision Bass, Gibson created a bass which looked like a violin than Fender’s.

In the world of today, one can purchase a bass guitar which comes in different materials and shapes; there’s a debate afoot about what goes into the making of a better bass guitar. Preference is what it really comes down to in the end. The bass guitar’s body is mainly of wood construction. However, other materials such as graphite and a few exotic woods like bubinga and ebony are becoming gaining in popularity. Each bass differs in sound and tonal quality than others, so it would be best if you could try different ones to see which has the sound you favor. Another preference is whether the neck should have frets or not. It creates for a different sound because the strings then vibrate directly on the neck, which is mainly made of wood, instead of on the frets.

It is a lot of fun to play a bass guitar of a style. Without it, music would not have the same sound; it is that important.

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Music courses are a great way to learn about virtually any area of music; history, theory, and musical instrument instruction — you name it and somewhere music courses specialize in it. Though commonly found through colleges, universities or high school programs, music courses are also offered via one-on-one instruction with a private teacher or community-based workshops. Some churches even offer music courses as a complement to their choirs; the music courses may be offered to the general public, but they are mainly geared toward the choir members and congregation.

In the last few years, however, a new dimension to learning music has appeared in the form of the internet the world wide web. Now instead of being limited to classroom courses, students are free to create their own schedules and learn at their own pace. A quick search on Google or Yahoo will turn up online courses in:

-Chord Piano

-Classical Piano For Beginners

-Improvising on the Piano & Guitar

-Rock Guitar

-Praise & Worship Guitar

-Killer Drum Instuctions

-Black Gospel Piano

-Jazz Piano

and many many more…

Music courses offered by colleges are commonly far more in-depth than other music courses and are usually only available to degree-seeking students (though some colleges offer music courses as part of their continuing education programs). Lower level college music courses mainly focus on an amalgamation of music theory and history, teaching individual theory concepts based on the historical period to which they are particular. As the music courses grow in skill level so too does the number of specialized topics. Advanced music courses are available for nearly mostly all historical music period and are sometimes based on one particular movement. Advanced music courses for theory grow increasingly more difficult and slowly teach mostly all detail found in modern music theory; it’s during the theory music courses that students intending to major in music have their skills challenged the most — some even refer to these music courses as a weeding out period.

Instrument-based music courses are equally as tough at the college level, though they usually assume a working knowledge of the instrument before the class begins. Those wishing to learn an instrument, therefore, are better off with private music courses or music courses offered by a community orchestra or social group. These music courses will focus on the basic details of learning an instrument, starting from the very beginning. Fingering, theory and music reading will be covered, in addition to the occasional bit of history. Students of these music courses may then wish to move on to college-level music courses after completing a few years of private instruction.

But for those more interested in recreational music” in other words, music that is played for personal enjoyment or to entertain family and friends, college music classes are not at all necessary. The internet abounds with wonderful courses that will help you do everything from play at your church to accompany your child on their flute or trombone, or even play in a jazz or rock or fusion or country group.

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Whether you are a music fan or not, nobody can deny that the music from Hawaii is a beautiful mix of flowing lyrics and rhythms that truly capture the feeling of the islands. Listen to Hawaiian music whether you are into reggae, steel guitar, Jawaiian or slack-key – there is something for everyone!rnrnAnyone who has ever traveled to Hawaii will know that their music is truly mesmerizing. This local scene itself was originally influenced by a number of different sources, including many countries around the beginning of the nineteenth century. Immigrants brought with them a large variety of different musical instruments, with which the Hawaiians soon developed their own distinctive style.rnrnMost famous in Hawaiian music is the ukulele, with a distinctive sound that almost everyone can recognize. Many of the beautiful rhythms are played by this instrument, and the great thing is that they are all inspired by the beauty of the islands and as such really capture their spirit. There is no doubt that the ukulele is uplifting yet melodical when it needs to be.rnrnIn Hawaii’s history, it was King David Kalakua who supported a musical resurgence. He inspired many of the locals to create music based on their sense of pride in the islands, and as a result music started to become more and more popular and expressive of local culture.rnrnThe sounds of Hawaii, though completely unique, have a number of distinct influences. When you listen to music of the islands you will hear a combination of the styles of jazz, swing, pop, ragtime, gospel and all other kinds of western music. The music is designed for both locals and visitors to either dance to or to simply enjoy the graceful lines and beautiful lyrics. Jawaain music is growing in popularity on the islands as a distinct blend of reggae from Jamaica and more traditional Hawaiian sounds. This is perhaps one of the most popular types of music to dance to on the island, due to the fact that it incorporates many catchy melodies. However, these melodies run a little deeper and are actually written in order to spread the positive spirit of Hawaii and celebrate Hawaiian life.rnrnIf you need to listen to music of Hawaii then you can either get your hands on some records, or visit the islands for an authentic musical experience. If you tune your radio in Hawaii you will find that there are many local stations dedicated to playing strictly Hawaiian music. You may also be able to catch a live performance. There are several music festivals held in Hawaii mostly all year, including the Merrie Monarch Hula Festival, the Molokai Music Festival and Oahu’s Steel Guitar Association. When you come to stay in Hawaii this is surely an experience not to be missed. You could even look for some hotels that put on live music performances for their guests. Whatever you do, find some way to experience this unique culture and listen to the music of the island!rnrnrnCopyright (c) 2008 Kentaro Konika

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Printed stickers and banners are being widely used for promotion of commodities. Companies nowadays try to use the most unique and different promotional techniques. Although printed banners are not a unique technique, but all company tries to make its stickers more attractive and colorful so that they stand out in the market.

Also with so many dissimilar types of ready-made vinyl banners, you’ll find exactly what you need all time. There are a lot of dissimilar choices out there for ready-made vinyl banners. Some of the more popular options for these are ready-made vinyl banners for birthday parties, holidays, and other proceedings. If it is an event that’s celebrated by the masses, there is perhaps a preprinted vinyl banner for it. The other style of these ready-made banners are the ones that companies and businesses use, these may take in banners that have things like sale, open, grand opening, and other events like that printed on them. These are a great idea just to grab so that you’ve them helpful if you ever need them.

Due to a numerous reasons, the vinyl printing materials are superior to other banner prints. They are more durable, are stronger, have a longer period of life, and the most important thing is that the vinyl banner printing material is versatile. Almost all shapes and sizes are available using the vinyl material. It may be perfectly cut according to the company’s requirements and demands. Information required attracting customers attention can easily fit on a printed banner.

All over the world, the trend and usage of banners is growing in almost all the fields. The fast growing trend these days is in the music industry. Majority of the music bands make use of the printed banners to promote and advertise about their upcoming gigs and concerts. Moreover, the band banners also help the band to gain maximum popularity in whichever country they visit for concerts.

This trend is at peak in Europe. There are two main reasons for this trend. Firstly, banners can have more amount of space for printed text, thus the band schedule may be printed easily. Secondly Banners UK are famous for promotion as people tend to read the banners with interest. Therefore, this new tactic is being used by all the famous music bands.

Thus it may be concluded that any company which wishes to compete in the market needs to think of most economical yet effective ways of advertisement. Vinyl stickers and vinyl banners are very cheap as compared to other promotional tools. They are being used all over, especially in Europe. The vinyl banner UK is very famous. These vinyl stickers and banners may be customized according to the demand of the company as well. Other than that, the vinyl material is useful because it can last much longer than any other printed material. is a well-known bumper sticker maker. We facilitate you to make your own bumper sticker online. Bumper stickers are extensively used as an effective marketing tool despite from being used.

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Deciding on the music you might need at any event today can include a number of choices. When you are looking for bands for weddings you will find that you have a number of different options available to you. Determining which one you might use can be something based on personal choice or the request of the guests that will be there.

When you begin the process of selecting the band you might want, you will look at the cost of course. But in addition to that you need to consider the type of music they play and the guests you are expecting at the event. When the guests enjoy the music they tend to stay longer which makes for a more successful gathering of course.

While the cost will be a factor, another is going to be the availability of the band you are considering. It is important when you begin your planning to try to book the group you need for the event. It is not uncommon for bands to be scheduled up to a yr in advance for many different types of events.

If you are concerned about how the band might sound, you can usually get a demo tape that will give you a good idea. At the same time some of the bands that hire out for events also perform live in concert. If it is an option for you, you may consider attending a live concert to get a good idea how they will sound in a live performance.

Selecting the music can also be difficult. Some bands can offer you many different styles of music but will need to know ahead of time the type of music you plan to request. In many cases the different sounds will require different instruments as well as sometimes additional group members.

Deciding on a swing band or jazz bands will require two different sets of musicians usually. While the instrument players might be able to perform either style, usually the singers will be different people. So if you plan to use one band for a number of different sounds you need to let them know ahead of time so that they are fully prepared for the event.

Choosing bands for weddings can be difficult because of the wide range of ages that are generally present. Younger people need the more popular music while the older generations need more mellow sounds. Making a choice for a band that can offer several different styles can be very helpful.

Down for the Count are a sensational swing and soul band, and are the wonderful entertainment for any event.A London-based Jazz, Swing, Rat Pack, Soul and Motown band. Formed by a group of nine friends in 2005, the band has gone on to perform at countless wedding receptions, corporate events and parties throughout the UK and abroad, and is now considered to be one of the finest function bands in the country.
The band has the wonderful blend of youth and experience, with members having performed alongside artists as diverse as Elton John, Russell Watson, KT Tunstall, Michael Ball, Marti Pellow, Suzi Quatro, Il Divo, Barbara Windsor, Stan Sulzmann, Pete Long, Norma Winstone and Frank Ricotti – to name just a few!
With a huge repertoire spanning eight decades of popular music, this fantastic ensemble is guaranteed to transform the atmosphere of your event with it’s unique and distinctive sound.
For making your occasion more musical with our jazz band, please contact us at 07855 488462 or you can fill out the booking enquiry form in our website.

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Coda Finale 2008 is one of the most desired Finale music notation software available for purchase any place in the world, because of its professional publishing level features. This difficult to beat, top-notch Finale music notation software package is already popular with professional arrangers and composers over the world and has had successful uses for lots of films. Those who require the absolute ideal prefer this version.

The largest publishers, including Hal Leonard, engrave with Finale music notation software and if that’s not enough for you, maybe you do not know that prominent schools such as Juilliard and the Berklee College of Music teach with Finale 2008. Other famous users of such music-notation software include excellent arts organizations, such as the Metropolitan Opera and Jazz at Lincoln Center.

Academy Award-winning movies like Million Dollar Baby, The Aviator, Spider-Man 2, Sideways, Polar Express, The Village, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, The Passion of the Christ, and Finding Neverland are scored with Finale, so there is no real doubt that there could be a better notation software product on the market.

If you’re looking for the most powerful and flexible sheet music publishing and composing software, this is the most suitable for you. It has had its release recently and it is available for shipping. Some versions have been created specifically for students, teachers, schools, churches and other non-profit organizations. Although it is a bit difficult to comprehend for beginners and several other products on the market are easier to comprehend as compared to this version of Finale, you will soon realize that its qualities position it at the top.

Such music notation software is a powerful tool for turning your ideal ideas into music. Hundreds of new, improved features are at your fingertips with Finale music notation software, owing to its intuitive interface, with improved, more efficient cut, copy, paste, and insert functions. Now, it is so much easier and faster to bring your music to life with other interface improvements and streamline workflow.

Finale 2008 can help you create unlimited musical possibilities beyond your wildest dreams. Create anything you want, and ideal the smallest detail with Finale music notation software. In addition, one of the ideal features in the new Make Music Coda Finale 2008 Notation Software is the ability to record or import an audio track, exclusive to the new 2008 version.

The integrated KONTAKT Player 2 provides fantastic playback, while the new Human Playback feature gives you nuanced playback similar to a real musician. More then 250 excellent sounds come provided by the makers of the Garritan Personal Orchestra, and are included free in this astonishing new program.

Whether you need very basic note entry or intuitive notation, editing, playback and engraving, you can find anything that meets your needs with this version of Finale. Whether you’re a music teacher or student, church choir conductor, aspiring musician or professional composer, such music notation software carries the ideal computer music software for any purpose in its new version.

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The Spanish Guitar

The Spanish guitar, also named the classical guitar, is an acoustic guitar with six nylon or gut strings that resembles the Flamenco guitar, and is the most widely used kind of guitar. The nylon-based strings are commonly used, making it easier to use for both plucking and strumming, and giving it a softer, warmer sound. In addition, carbon fiber or composite treble strings have also gained popularity. The body is mostly constructed out of hard wood, such as rosewood, while spruce or cedar is typically used for the top. The Spanish guitar is mostly used in classical music, Latin music, Flamenco, Folk music, and in other contemporary styles such as country, rock, jazz, bluegrass, folk, and pop.

There are numerous manufacturers of the Spanish guitar all over the world. Spain remains the hub, and Ramirez is one of the most well-known manufacturers. However, major electric guitar companies such as Epiphone, Ibanez, Fender, and Gibson; and acoustic and electric guitar manufacturers such as Taylor, Yamaha, and Ovation also produce different types of Spanish guitars.

Brief History of the Spanish Guitar

The history of the Spanish guitar and its ancestor, the baroque guitar, spans over four centuries and dates back to the late 18th century, and through to the Renaissance period and most probably from the Greek kithara lyre. Notable arrangers, composers, and Spanish guitar players in history include Andrs Segovia (1893-1987), Fernando Sor (1778-1839), Francisco Trrega (1852-1909), Gaspar Sanz (1640-1710), John Williams (1941), and Mauro Giuliani (1781-1829). And so today, contemporary artists such as Sting, Willie Nelson, Peter White, Eric Clapton, and Eddie Van Halen continue to influence the music world with the use of Spanish guitar.

What you should know when learning to Play Spanish Guitar

The Spanish guitar is traditionally played using Finger Style Guitar, and combination of the finger tips and the nails.

The Spanish guitar, while playing, is placed on the left leg which is raised with a footstool, while the right arm holds the guitar in place. This is for greater mobility and access to the strings and fingerboard.

A plectrum or bow is typically not used to pluck the strings because using the fingers enables the player to produce polyphonic music. So Spanish/classical guitar music mostly sustains 2 to 4 musical lines and voices.

The Spanish guitar may however be played with a plectrum or bow in pop oriented music.

The fingerboard is a little wider than other guitars to provide more space between the strings while plucking.

Nylon strings are used to give a unique, speckled and rich color palette sound to the Spanish guitar.

The Spanish guitar is intended to be played acoustically but electronic pickup systems have also been incorporated in many products for live performances.

Guitar Music

EMG, Inc first started manufacturing guitar pickups back in 1976, known as EMG pickups. Over the years they have earned the reputation for quality, clear sounding pickups used by many professional artists. ESP guitars and Jackson guitars currently use EMG pickups as their standard pickup design. Their high output is preferred by hard rock and heavy metal guitarists because of the pickups higher gain output as opposed to most lower output pickups. Some of the bands and artists who currently endorse EMG pickups are Tom Morrello, Zakk Wylde, Stephen Carpenter, Metallica, Slayer and many others

The most common EMG pickups are the EMG 81 and

85. The EMG 81 is usually considered to be the lead pickup and is more commonly used in the bridge position, while the EMG 85 is mainly used as a rhythm pickup more used in the neck position. In my opinion, for the Les Paul 6 string guitar the EMG 81 is best suited for distortion and the EMG 85 for clean tones. The EMG 85 in the neck position lacked the clarity of the bridge position EMG 81 when it came to distortion sounds.

Personally, I have had great success with using EMG pickups in a Gibson Les Paul and 7 string ESP guitar especially if you are into heavier sounding music. The clarity, deeper tone, and added gain are what make the pickups more suitable. One negative thing about the EMG active pickups is the need for a 9 volt battery, but it’s not much of a problem because the battery lasts for a long time. You just need to make sure you replace the battery at least every 6 months because of tone loss over time.

Installation for a set of EMG pickups is fairly easy depending on the type of guitar you have. With the right tools I was able to install a set of Zakk Wylde custom EMG’s in Gibson Les Paul in under an hour. As long as you follow the right installation diagrams for your type of guitar and have basic soldering skills you should not run into any problems.