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Online music provider Napster was made famous for offering free music downloads. Back in the 1990’s that philopsophy was their undoing. And so today Napster is back with a new legal way to listen to music for free without any contracts or other obligations. Music lovers can browse through their library of millions of tracks from mostly all genre and listen to the complete song just by clicking on a link. You can use these links to allow others to instantly access the same music that you were just listening to by posting them in your blog, on your web site, or in an email message. What’s the catch? You can only listed to a song five times before you have to buy it and without paying a subscription or buying the track you only get access to the low-fidelity version. Still, the service provides the complete track for most songs, not just the thirty second snippet that you get from most sites.

For music teachers and others that just like to browse this new feature could be a great curriculum resource ( ). In the music classroom a teacher might need to play part of a Beethoven sonata ( ) or another piece that the school does not own in their local music library. Instead of shelling out fifteen or twenty bucks for a complete CD the teacher can go to Napster, use their free plays to show the song in class, and if in the end you decide you simply have to own the track anyway for future use you can buy it online and download the complete HIGH-fidelity file to your computer for only ninety-nine cents. Once downloaded you turn around and burn these tracks to a CD for use in any CD player in any classroom.

For the music lover or an online author these new Napster links are a great way to add easy and useful content to whatever you are trying to share. In fact, that is exactly what the folks at Napster need you to do! Link away! Like a new song off of Korn’s newest CD? Link to it! For all of Napster’s bad press many years ago they have finally come out with something that even their biggest skeptics cannot deny. The new free music service is a great and long overdue idea that will be great for sharing musical information across the Internet.

Guitar Music

The guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments today. There are different kinds of guitars that are available out for different guitar players. Guitars are different in terms of playability, overall appearance and sound quality.

Here are any of the types of guitars that guitar players or aspiring guitar players can choose from:


If you need go get into the guitar world, you can start learning with an acoustic guitar.

Acoustic guitars are dependent on their structures and body shapes for resonating sounds. Unlike the more modern electric guitars, they don’t rely on other external devices to enhance sounds. The natural vibrations of the strings are resonated by the body of the guitar.

Acoustic guitars are mainly made out of wood. The neck is usually made from mahogany and the fret board is made of maple or rosewood. There are many kinds of acoustic guitars, here are any of them:

1) Classical

Classical guitars are very popular and are usually the choice guitar for beginners. The strings are usually made from nylon. They are usually played in a standard sitting position and used in playing classical music. Classical guitars produce whole sounds which are very pleasing to the ear.

Flamenco guitars are similar to classical guitars, however, they produce crisper and thinner sounds than the other classical guitars.

2) Steel-top

Steel-top guitars are much similar than the classical guitar but are constructed to be more resilient. The parts of the steel-top guitar are reinforced and their bodies are significantly larger than the classical guitars. They also produce a warmer tone than the classical guitar.

3) 12-String guitar

A normal guitar usually has 6 strings, but the 12-string guitar, as its name implies, has 12 strings. Each string is accompanied by another string with the same note but is usually tuned in a higher octave. This guitar produces a semi-chorus effect which is very pleasant to the ear.

4) Resonator

This type of guitar is similar to the steel-top guitar, but the steel in the middle of the soundboard is used to amplify the sound from the vibration of the guitar strings to produce a very thin and distinct sound. These guitars are mainly used when playing the blues. There are also variations of the resonator guitar: the square-neck resonator guitar is played on the lap like a piano or organ; and the round neck resonator guitar is played like a common guitar. Resonator guitars work very well with glass or metal slides.

5) Archtop

The archtop guitar was inspired by other instruments such as the violin and the cello. An archtop guitar usually has the f-hole design. Jazz players prefer archtop guitars. Some archtop guitars can command a price of about $25,000.

6) Acoustic Bass

Acoustic bass guitars are bass guitars without electronic pick-ups. The body of the guitar is used to produce the sound. They are usually 4-stringed guitars but there are acoustic bass guitars which have 5 or 6 strings.


Electric guitars make use of electronic pick-ups to amplify the vibrations of the guitar strings. They are usually connected to electric amplifiers. Electric guitars have a solid or semi-solid body type and they don’t use the body for sound resonance so usually make very little or no sound when played without an amplifier. The concept used by electric guitars is that the energy of the strings is diverted into electrical impulses and not directly into sound so that they are able to achieve an amplified sound.

Electric guitars usually have control knobs for changing the volume or the tone of the guitar. There are also pick-up selectors in electric guitars and many electric guitars use multiple pick-ups to achieve the best guitar sounds. These pick-ups gather and produce different tones from the guitar. The tone knobs are used to shift from a bass-intensive sound to a treble-intensive sound or vice versa.

Some electric guitars also have whammy bars. These bars are attached to the guitar to shift notes without changing the finger positions on the fret board. Whammy bars are used to produce crying” guitar sounds and are a very useful tool when performing rock and roll songs or even ballads. The use of the whammy bar in less expensive guitars is not advised because it may cause the strings to go out of tune.

These are any of the basic types of guitars that are available for everyone. Guitars are made to fit the preferences of the player in terms of playability and sound. Choose the guitar that best fits your preference.

Guitar Music

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When you want to explore another culture, there are many aspects you may want to know. You may want to know how the people live, they celebrate and entertain, how they co-exist and get governed, their economy and currency, and so on. You can learn quite a lot about the country like Ethiopia by reading the latest Ethiopian news when you go online. You can also listen to Ethiopia music when you go online as well. If you enjoy Ethiopia music, you can get it for free these days and listen by watching videos when you go to a site that features this type of music and news.

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If you are from Ethiopia and want to keep abreast as to what’s going on in the country, then you need to get the latest Ethiopian news regularly. This will teach you everything that you need to know which might be important if you’ve relatives in the country or if you are planning to travel back to Ethiopia very soon. You can also enjoy Ethiopia music while you are on the site as well and view videos of your community. When you want to learn all there is to know about Ethiopia as well as the latest Ethiopian news, then you need to find a good website that is all about this country.

You can get more than just news developments when you go to the right site about Ethiopia. You should be able to get the latest Ethiopian news as well as a lot more, including the Ethiopia music that you want to listen that is part of the great Ethiopian culture. You may even get an opportunity to interact with some people from Ethiopia online and get to know more about them. When you want to know everything about Ethiopia, you need more than just getting latest Ethiopian news, you need also experience other things about Ethiopia, including Ethiopia music, Ethiopian culture, and the situation about the people whoever live in this country.

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Music. It has the capability to inspire your wedding guests to get out on the dance floor and boogie down. Music has the power to make your first dance as wife and husband an emotional experience that you both will never forget. It might be used to set a quiet, romantic mood during dinner and to create unforgettable moments on the dance floor that your wedding guests will remember for years to come.

So choosing the person or people whoever create the soundtrack for one of the biggest moments in your life is an important decision. Music can make or break a party, and you need to find performers whoever understand that, whether they are DJs or bandleaders.

The first major decision you’re prone to make when planning the music for your reception is whether to choose a band or a DJ. The major distinction between the two begins with price. DJs can range anywhere from $300 to $1,200, whereas live bands can cost more than $2,500. But before you decide on price alone, think about the possibilities.

Live it up: When you’re throwing a superb affair like a wedding reception, little else compares to the thrill and electricity that a live band can bring. The interactive nature of live entertainment can add a personal touch to your event.

A great vocalist can sing your most treasured songs to you during your first dance as wife and husband. Live singers and musicians have a ease to be creative and personalize their performance for you. So, as an example, bandleaders can research alternatives to more traditional wedding songs, or they might even explore a bride and groom’s relationship to determine what song would be most fitting for their first dance together. This ease and interactivity creates an aesthetic that your guests are sure to remember.

Size matter: Once you decide to hire a band you’ll decide what kind of band will be best for your event. With the plethora of performers out there, this might be a daunting task. You can narrow down your search a bit by determining the size of your reception. The number of guests, the size and shape of the reception area and the acoustical makeup of the room may help you decide whether you want a duo or a trio providing music or if you want an eight-piece band.

Keep in mind that even if your affair is small, with 60 guests, you don’t have to sacrifice great sound. Several three and four piece bands can enhance their sound by using digital sequencing. Sometimes power duos and trios will know how to create music that’ll fill up your reception hall, despite the smaller size. If you’re hosting a larger event, the size of your band can grow from the traditional, four-piece band to something larger like a 12-piece band or orchestra. It all depends upon your personal taste, your budget and the effect you want to create at your reception.

Searching for style: In addition to determining the size of the band, you’ll want to look for a band that’s versatile enough to perform the songs you know will be hits at your reception. Consider what kind of a sound you’re looking for ‘ swing, jazz, classical, rock or a mix of many things ‘ and seek out bands that can perform in those musical genres. It is best to stick with professional musicians whoever aim to have a great band ‘ not just a great wedding band. Professional bands will typically offer you a broader repertoire of songs than a band that moonlights on weekends at weddings.

Reach out for recommendations: Once you’ve decided what size and type of band will suit your reception, you’ll want to know which local bands come highly recommended. To find out, talk to vendors in the wedding industry in your area. Ask managers at respected hotels and reception halls, florists and other associated with the local wedding scene which bands they would recommend. If the several of the same names keep popping up, you’ll know where to start making calls.

Seeing is believing: After you’ve a few band names to pick from, it’s time to start making appointments to see bands that appeal to you in action. Whether it’s a rehearsal or a performance, being able to see the band you’re considering as it performs is one of the best ways to judge it. You will feel for how the band members interact with their audience and for how well the play which will help you when it comes time to make a decision.

If you cannot see the band in action, ask for a CD or a videotape of a performance, or better yet, arrange a personal meeting with your prospective bandleader. You’ll be able to better gauge the band’s talent and style.

For economy and convenience, you really cannot beat the effect that a polished DJ can bring to your wedding reception. During times when mainly lower in cost than a live band, DJs offer you variety, versatility and many of the same qualities that a live band can.

Variety ‘ the spice of DJ life: One of the advantages of hiring a DJ is that you and your guests will have access to an extensive collection of music, ranging from wedding favorites that you hear al the time to the more obscure. Whereas a band may not know how to perform less popular tunes that might appeal to you or your guests, a DJ is sure to have a broad repertoire that’ll include lesser-known artists. This can make it easier to handle requests from your guests.

During times when you or your spouse-to-be may have eclectic musical tastes that automobile be accommodated more easily by a DJ, remember to not get too carried away choosing music that suits only your own tastes. Chance are your guests will be all ages, so their tastes for music will vary greatly. To keep a party going, most DJs will suggest a mix of music to keep guests involved in the festivities.

Original hits, original artists: In addition to their broad repertoires, DJs offer you the comfort of knowing that the music will be performed as it was originally recorded. You don’t have to worry about a band taking artistic license with one of your most treasured songs. The music is heard exactly the way you and your guests remember it. A DJ needs to take a break, he or she can prepare a mix that’ll keep the songs going until the break is over.

Choose your own DJ: When you decide to hire a DJ, you’ll have to determine if the DJ’s style will suit you and your guests. DJs can come to your event equipped with extras like lighting, plasma screens with live action video of your guests, dancing and party favors. Additionally, DJs offer differing levels of interactivity with guests. Some serve as a sort of master of ceremonies during the wedding reception, and will do many things from announcing your bridal party to getting your guests involved in the dancing to handing out party favors like Hawaiian leis. Others take a more subtle approach, allowing the bride and groom to be the stars of the show.

Again, seeing is believing: As with a band, it’s best to see a DJ in action before agreeing to hire him or her. By observing how he or she runs a party, you’ll know what to anticipate when your big day arrives.

Live Bands

The party bands are becoming really common these days. It is because of a change in the attitude of people towards the aspect of partying. In the earlier period, party was considered as just a gathering of people to share their happiness. Now, the people are more concentrated on the entertainment that they can provide for the people whoever are attending the parties. They find it as a way to ease the stress and tensions they are having from their professional or personal problems. The bands play a vital role in raising the entertainment level of the people gathered for a party. They can make the party lively with the selection of the music they play. It is for this reason that the bands are giving good care in the selection of the music. The type and quality of the music played can influence the mood of the guests.

The World Wide Web can provide all the info that you need to find the best party bands for any sort of parties. There are even any dedicated sites which provide this type of info for the people whoever want to select a band. They will be having a whole lot of info regarding all the aspects of the bands and any of the sites have a review page for each of the bands in which you can read and understand about the good as well as bad aspects of those bands. The price will also be there in the list of info and this enables the prospective customers to select the best one from among them which is apt for their respective budgets.

The experience of the Party Bands in this field is very important in getting the required level of entertainment. It doesn’t mean that a new band cannot effectively entertain the guests. Now, even these types of bands are a part of the wedding ceremonies too. The amount of enjoyment is the sole factor which is forcing the people to take such an approach. The corporate events are also hiring these bands as a mode of entertainment for the people whoever are coming to attend the meeting.

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Even the most well planned best-organized wedding can fizzle out if the wedding music and the DJ are not good. There are thousands of good DJ’s and DJ wannabes out there. The solution is finding the right one. Choosing from among them will not guarantee you the wedding music that would add to the fun of the party.

Pick a DJ that you have already heard perform. You might have heard a great DJ in a club, a restaurant, and a hotel, at other wedding parties and celebrations. Your friends are also good sources of DJ’s because chances are you have the same taste in music as they have. When choosing DJ’s, do not shop around anymore because the best DJ’s are the ones you already have heard and liked.

If you have not heard a good one lately, your job becomes harder.

Then you can start looking in the yellow pages under disc Jockeys, Music and Entertainment. It will not be wise to bank on a DJ for price consideration alone. Starting DJ’s normally charge smaller than the more experienced one.

Get a short list of the DJ’s that have a good and tastefully done ad. If you can find DJ’s that have conducted in several wedding events. When talking to them, try listening to the manner of their speech, the words they use and how they phrase them. The manner in which DJ’s talk tends to spill into their performance.

If the budget however is limited and you have to pick a DJ that is not as expensive, (DJ’s Services usually ranges from $100 to $2000 for a four hours work) make a shortlist of those who sound interesting. You can ask them for references and inquire about them. The more the reference the better.

It would also be better if the DJ has a regular venue where they perform so you can visit unannounced. From there you can observe how the people reacts to the DJ. If you like how the DJ carries himself, how he ensures that even requests are handled well that it blends with music continuity and motivates the crowd, you could have found the right one for the occasion.

Do not be impressed by the number of music, gears and equipment that many DJ’s boast. For a four-hour performance, chances are he can only play 60 cuts. If you are not very good at music equipment, you also will not know the difference.

Guitar Music

Successfully knowledge how to play guitar is within the grasp of most populace, yet many beginners give up too quickly.

Frequently, quitting cut down will blame their lack of time to do and that playing hurts their fingers. The problem is that they just don’t practice enough.

This page cannot give you more time to practice, but it will show you how to successfully become an adequate guitar player without the expenditure of paid instruction.

Knowing How to Play Guitar Chords is one of the most important things for beginning players to learn. Not only are they important tools for increasing your finger strength and dexterity, they also provide a foundation for learning, appraisal and playing songs.
This page will show you how (with written orders and diagrams) to play any of the most widely seen guitar chords.

As a guitar player, chords are your cash and butter. They form the basis of almost every song and are the building blocks for most of the things that you will learn on the guitar.

If you don’t already know, a chord is a mixture of at least two notes that are played simultaneously, creating a fuller, richer sound than can be achieved by playing each note individually.
While most chords involve at least three notes played concurrently, any may use even more.

How to Play Acoustic Guitar Strumming

If you want to how to learn how to play acoustic guitar strumming, you’ve approach to the right place.

There’s nothing that will build your incentive to play guitar quicker than knowing any basic acoustic guitar strumming patterns.
Soon you will be playing along to your favorite songs and even composing any songs of your own.

But first a WARNING. Learn any basic chords first.

You can learn strumming patterns with no knowing any chords and even with your guitar out of tune, BUT if you do, you’re going to get bored with your in concert very quickly (and so will everyone else).

Acoustic Guitar Tips for the Beginner

Acoustic guitar lessons online are not easier said than done to come by.

There are many sites offering free tips and lessons for the novice, but it can be rather difficult sifting all the way through pages of content to find direct answers to a number of of the most basic questions beginners have.

I researched many of the frequently asked questions that beginners have and shaped this list of quick acoustic guitar lessons and tips to make life a bit easier for you. I do hope this helps.

1 Learn how to play the audio guitar with both your fingers and your pick. Practice using both. This will make you a more versatile player.

2 Learn how to use a capo. A capo is a clamp that you can apply to different frets of your guitar to change the pitch.

You will absolutely need to become familiar with this wonderful tool. If you do not already own one, head out to your local music store and buy one today.

3 Make sure you choose the right guitar for your size. Guitars come in different sizes from classic to jumbo. It is very imperative that you find a guitar size that you are comfortable playing.

4 Learn how to change your strings and change them often. If you do not know how to change your guitar strings yet, stop what you are responsibility and search for articles and videos online right now. This is very significant.

5 Wash your hands previous to you play and clean your strings after you play. Dirt and oils from your fingers and hands can wear down your strings.

6 Build up those calluses. Many cut down complain of pain in their fingertips when first starting out. This is normal and will go away after you have been live for a little while and start to form calluses. The more mainly you live out the faster you will put up up calluses.

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If you are searching for a site with unlimited music downloads for ipod, there are many things to consider. IPOD mp3 music is an excellent choice for getting the latest songs quickly and without the hassles of traveling to the music store. There are many locations right on the web that can provide you with the best of the best for much less. There are several locations that do offer a wide range of choice when it comes to IPOD mp3 music. Some offer more than others or they offer a better quality product. It will take a little looking to find the most affordable choice that is also the one that has what you would like to download.

Once you find the right location for your IPOD mp3 music, you can easily and quickly (it seems almost instantly) download them to your PC, your notebook, or you can check out iPod mp3 music downloads as well. There are specific services that are available to provide you with the ability to get great quality songs on your iPod. If you choose iPod mp3 music, you can find the right location to download from on the web to your iPod, take the music with you wherever you decide to go and, if you like them; you can even burn them to CD.

No matter if you choose iPod mp3 music or find a few great songs to download to your PC, there are many services that are providing this ability to you. If you are skilled, you can even find a few iPod mp3 music downloads. Of course, to get the best products available, you may need to go with a paid service. It also pays for you to take your time in checking out a few of the services for their fees and their membership details. With so much competition out there, you are sure to find a great deal being offered to new members. Music downloads are fast becoming the best way to get the songs you need to see quickly.

You may need to stop back to look for new reviews and tips on unlimited download sites.

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Relating to places as a way to purchase cost-free music beyond this concept are secure plus hazardous alternatives. Why harming plus risky sites continue to be attracting visitors is free of charge product. Men and women don’t realize convinced by way of for no extra charge most current is superior than for participants, ignoring or maybe settling on leave out the part of basic safety. Several are within the absolutely wrong impact which so that you can receive song for legal reasons and also securely and solidly is generally very expensive.

While it is true in which at no cost legal track is generally a shortage on the web and the other must obtain great quality together with good quality aid, just simply how much due is very depends on an individual. Simply put, should you not desire to fork out an excessive amount, you don’t have so as to. I may run into selecting the best location to acquire popular music.

Here would be the major choices of reputable in addition to risk-free defeats web sites the web can give:

One. Pay-Per-Track Web sites

Most recognized track offering sites mostly are run by any pay-per-track base, which means each and every melody must be acquired by themselves. Without any regular membership or possibly enrolling price tag is really applied. i-tunes Go shopping, Rhapsody and as well Your amazon on the web marketplace are any cases. Despite the fact that paying for each and every get grants for flexibility, it is not really which effective regarding big with regard to installing weighing their unique whole amount.

Three. Regular Regular monthly subscription Sites

Several of the pay-per-download web sites plus a few other big melody sites, similar to Napster, come with an alternative for acquiring every melody. Inside a set up price, consumed and maintain job security, you happen to be displayed using endless installing. The simplest way to conserve, as it may seem, it is not really necessarily continually outstanding the easy truth is. To hold the downloadable monitors, you must keep on the actual monthly subscription — if you refuse to, the many paths someone downloadable grown into unplayable.

A few if not more. Totally free Websites

Quire outstanding, One hundred percent absolutely free legitimate bests are going to be sold via the internet. Such a sites that you should get is superior than really feel safe, but mostly utilize a confined selection. Absolutely no most recent trips through substantial promotion advertising banners is available here ( living space ) rather ambitious musicians, self-sufficient organizations and a few within the all-time preferred. Popular popular music types which aren’t so well received may possibly get good at. Even so, should you not ideas this off-beat observe, such sites will surely considerably increase your own assortment.

5. For free Chapters of Paid Internet sites

A lot of people achieve certainly not to be familiar with whilst locations to assist receive surpasses via. But why probably not? Whether it is Amazon on the web marketplace on-line or perhaps Napster, they furnish free download component primarily resolved website, as well as the top factor would be that the monitor collection, while nominal, adjustments typically. And for that reason, constant checking no cost things will let you get yourself a several pleasant paths totally free.

5 various several. Boundless Down load Internet websites

Considerably comparable to registration web sites, web sites intended for infinite accessing have a proven cost, but once as well as forever. Zero scary price-tags here the actual demand is generally a average two-digit quantity (something more is generally a rip-off to compliment free of charge regarding). Following your repayment is without a doubt used, there is absolutely no depend within the level of tracks someone get, simply no restrictions, certainly no more service fees.

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Rock Music

Rap music worked its way to mainstream music around the late 70s to the early 80s. Those who study history would trace rap musics roots way back in American history when Griots or West African folk poets used to deliver their stories in a rhythmic tone accompanied by drums and other sparse instrumentation. Today, the art of rapping has evolved into something that spans cultural and lifestyle dimensions.

Folk roots meet Jamaican-style
Rap music combines the poetry of the Griots with Jamaican-style toasting. Toasting is used by Jamaican disc jockeys or DJs in dance parties to coax people to dance to their music. DJs are the first rappers or MCs (short for master of ceremonies). They would speak over their music to shout out slogans like Work it, work it and Move it to keep encourage continuous dancing on the dance floor. Soon, toasting became longer and became less about dancing and more about life and having fun. Contextually, these raps can be insult raps, news raps, message raps, nonsense raps, and party raps.

This early way of rapping was soon enhanced to include manual manipulation of the sound system to heighten the dance experience. It has been said that people dance because of the beat and not of the lyrics. And so, DJs soon incorporated other techniques like dubbing and scratching to the rap music appeal. Dubbing enhanced Jamaican toasting by cutting back and forth between vocal and instrumental tracks and isolating the beat for danceability. Scratching, on the other hand, is done by moving the record in the turntable from one direction to another and back again while the needle is still in the groove.

Rappers deluxe
Rap historians cite young Jamaican Clive Campbell as one of the proponents of rap music when he migrated to the Bronx and brought with him the art of Jamaican toasting. In the Brox, Campbell was known by his monicker, Kool Herc (short for Hercules). Other early rappers rappers were Jamaican toasters such as U Roy, Duke Reid, Sir Coxsone, and Prince Buster. They were followed by the next decade of rappers like MelleMel, Fatback Band, Sugarhill Gang, Grandmaster Flash, and Run-D.M.C.

The early nineties saw the entry of white American rappers like Ice Cube to the African-American-dominated world of rap music. Even women rappers surfaced in the mainstream rap music scene. Women rappers like Salt N Pepper, Monie Love, and Queen Latifah rapped over R&B melodies and expressed lyrics that touched on women-related issues.

The look of rap
From its origins in the gang dominion of Bronx and the dancehalls of downtown ghettos, rap music soon found its way into the mainstream music scene. Soon, not only African-Americans were dancing to rap music. Rap music evolved into lyrical reflection of urban life. Rastafari-clad youth wore oversized shirts and jackets paired with low-riding oversized jeans that exposed their underwear. Heavy chain accessories also became part of the rapper look.

Rap music, while considered by some to be a fad that would eventually lose its appeal, is really a form of musical art that has become a way of expression. Modern mouth percussion, vocal improvisation and stripped down melody, these elements of rap music make it a unique musical experience.