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Fashion and fame are two sides of same coin, and when it comes to flaunt style who better than the singing sensations. The Red Carpet at American Music Awards 2010 thus was high on glam and couture. Here are any of the celebs who glamorized the event with their presence and style.

If Rihanna wanted to show her fiery, feisty side, red coloured gown was not enough, she also got her hair painted in red with soft curls. Sounds kind of weird, not at all dearies, the R&B Best Female artist of the yr walked the red carpet in panache. Another stunner of the evening was Taylor Swift, who won the Best country artiste award 2010. Anything can look good on a beauty like Taylor, so her skimpy dress million tiny crystals looked amazingly marvelous on her. Her long blonde hair made her look more charismatic.

The small wonder, 10-year-old daughter of Will Smith, proved to be a fashionable kid on the red carpet. Willow Smith, accompanied by her mom Jada and elder brother Jaden, looked vibrant in an edgy outfit. It was overwhelming to see someone as young as Willow trying a romper with a futuristic buckled sleeve bolero. The gal also went on to the stage before Justin Beiber’s performance to introduce him to the audiences.

Bleck Eyed Peas ‘Glamorous’ singer Fergie also chose a short, body-hugging dress and what was that with her sleeves. This lady ought to be different; her shiny, blue-black dress made her look more sensuous. Giving her fashionable company were her band mates, all looked amazing in their glam-pompous outfits.

Nicki Minaj green, pink, gold coloured dress took the red carpet by storm. After she arrived, every other colour and dress lost its charm. She did not let us miss Lady Gaga. Keri Hilson looked smoky hot in a croc-skinned mini dress. Can someone tell her, the colour of her hair and that haircut makes her look drop-dead gorgeous?

Pregnant Pink thought to keep it simple and it did really work for her. However, the lady could have got any good accessories to complete her look. Katy Perry was pinkilicious for the night. Her cute, tiny dress from Bagdley Mishka made her look more pretty and pleasing.

Miley Cyrus added drama to the red carpet with her dreamy Marchesa gown which had detailed ruching and strapless neckline. The train in the back of the dress was the main attraction of her outfit.

Check out Red Carpet Stunners at American Music Awards 2010 and Enjoy the bling!

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Most individuals are proper handed but it surely doesn’t actually matter should you’re a left handed individual. There are issues that some right handed people can do that lefties cannot do however in the case of taking part in a guitar, even left handed folks can do it too so long as their decided and motivated. Learn how to play the guitar even in case you’re left handed especially for those who love this musical instrument.

To be more impressed, you’ll want to know some well-known left handed guitarists. Sure, there are literally many left handed guitarists like Jimmy Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Albert King, Dick Dale, and Paul McCartney. These guitarists used re-strung guitars as well as left handed guitars and each of them have their very own kinds when enjoying the guitar. You will discover more about them and their enjoying type by reading magazines or just surfing the net.

Plenty of info could be found online so you’d better start browsing the net. By understanding their tales, you may be motivated to be taught to play guitar even in the event you’re left handed. Being a lefty should not be a hindrance when you actually want to learn.

If your a beginner, it is best to know that you’ve several options to learn to play a guitar. First, you should use guitars which might be utilized by proper handed people. You don’t must re-string it, merely go away the strings as is and then try to play the guitar upside down. Now this may seem difficult and so you may opt for the second possibility whereby you re-string a guitar.

Nonetheless, this is not very straightforward should you plan to play an electrical guitar especially when utilizing the tone and quantity controls. The best option for many left handed individuals is using the left handed guitar since you don’t must re-string it or play it upside down.

As a beginner, a huge portion of your time will probably be spent in searching for the very best guitar in your native music shops or even in on-line stores. You’ll want to prepare some money when purchasing a guitar especially if you need a left handed guitar. You see, left handed guitars are relatively expensive as a result of these are specifically designed for lefties. Go for quality guitars which might be bought at a reasonable price for those who don’t want to break your savings. However when you study to play the guitar properly, now you can experhyment in utilizing completely different guitars, even right handed re-strung guitars.

Newcomers are advised to get left handed guitars to be taught all of the basics of guitar playing easily. That you must memorize all of the notes, chords, and different guitar playing techniques. Strumming can be an issue for some lefties but with apply and persistence, you possibly can be taught it fast. Relying in your learning angle, you should choose the suitable studying method.

When studying to play a guitar, left handed individuals ought to all the time bear in mind to purchase first a left handed guitar. It’s good to invest on the guitar in an effort to observe extra often and also you don’t need to borrow all time you wish to play the guitar. Then, find the guitar studying methodology that fits you.

After doing these things, you can now begin and learn to play the guitar even should you’re left handed. Good luck and who is aware of, in time chances are you’ll develop into the most effective guitar players within the world.

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Held yearly, the Canary Islands Music Festival event has been drawing the world’s best classical musicians since 1985, and helps to attract thousands of tourists to both Tenerife and Gran Canaria, producing extra tourist Euros for the islands.

The Canary Islands Music Festival boasts events stretched over a period more than a month. Concerts and cultural events take place on both the islands of Gran Canaria and Tenerife from January 9 to February 16, 2009.

Festival organizers are recognising some important milestones that will influence the festival’s theme. This celebration of classical music has reached the quarter-century mark. The 25th anniversary will be marked with much fanfare amongst organisers, visitors and local business owners.

Many of the works of classical pianist and composer Franz Lizst will be featured. The Hungarian musician would be nearing his 200th birthday. Lizst was highly regarded during his lifetime, even by his own contemporaries. He is still considered by many to be the greatest pianist in the history of the world. Festival organizers have chosen to focus on his work during its 2009 series.

The upcoming New Year also marks the 250th anniversary of the death of Georg Friedrich Handel. The Canary Islands Music Festival will pay fitting tribute to the German Baroque composer.

Handel is probably most well-known for his oratorio ‘Messiah.’ Handel’s ‘Messiah’ is a holiday favourite the world over. Handel wrote over 40 operas, more than 25 oratorios and hundreds of songs, cantatas, duets and other musical works.

The Canary Islands Music Festival has grown since its debut in 1985. It was begun by likeminded avid classical music lovers. They wanted the Canary Islands to be recognized as a symbol of culture. They recognised the rich history of the islands as a magnet for tourists seeking culture in addition to sun and surf.

Hundreds of thousands of tourists have flocked to the festival since it opened its doors and boosted the number of holidaymakers taking holidays – it boasts some of the finest performances by modern classical musicians in one grand event. It has featured in past years names such as Claudio Abbado, Carlo Maria Giulini, Sir Colin Davis, Frans Bruggen and many more.

Events take place in various venues in the capital cities of the islands of Gran Canaria and Tenerife. Concerts and cultural happenings are spread over more than 35 days. Tickets for various events range in price from 20 to a hundred Euros, depending on the artist and the venue.

Music loving tourists can come for part or all of the festival. Local hotels, apartments and bed-and-breakfasts are booking quickly. Tour packages are also available through a number of travel agencies. Many include hotel stays, concert ticket bundles and admission to other local attractions for one inclusive price.

The Canary Islands may still be best known worldwide for sand and sun. However, the Canary Islands Music Festival has done much to promote the region as a place rife with culture. Thousands of tourists have come to appreciate the islands for the history they boast. Getting a little bit of winter sun with the music is a bit of a bonus as well!

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Chris LeDoux, the richly talented Contemporary Country artist has released him latest album titled After The Storm and Wow! It’s really a good one.

I wish it weren’t the case but, it’s not everyday that I get a CD from an artist that I can just pop in and comfortably listen to from beginning to end. There is usually a song or two that I just cannot force myself to get through. Not at all the case with After The Storm. Every track is enjoyable and was beautiful easy for me to listen to from start to finish.

The nice thing about a CD like this is when the talent is this rich even if Contemporary Country isn’t your most prized style you still cannot help but appreciate the greatness of the artist.

After The Storm is a first rate CD, delivering a little something for everyone. I give it two thumbs up. It’s quite simply great listening. A must buy if you’re even mildly into Contemporary Country music.

During times when this entire album is really very good any of my favorites are track 1 – Some Things Never Change, track 3 – Don’t Make You Want To Dance, and track 5 – I Don’t Want To Mention Any Names

My Bonus Pick, and the one that got Sore […as in “Stuck On REpeat”] is track 8 – Scatter The Ashes. Wow!

After The Storm Release Notes:

Chris LeDoux originally released After The Storm on April 9, 2002 on the Capitol Nashville label.

CD Track List Follows:

1. Some Things Never Change – (with Garth Brooks) 2. Millionaire 3. Don’t It Make You Want To Dance 4. Daily Bread 5. I Don’t Want To Mention Any Names 6. I Would For You 7. Cowboy Up 8. Scatter The Ashes 9. What I’m Up Against 10. Simple As Dirt 11. Bareback Jack

Personnel includes: Chris LeDoux (vocals); Garth Brooks (vocals); Mac McAnally (acoustic guitar, background vocals); Jack Pearson (slide guitar); Larry Franklin (fiddle); John Jarvis (piano); John Hobbs (keyboards); Michael Rhodes (bass); Shannon Forrest (drums); Eric Darken (percussion); Wes Hightower (background vocals).

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Stolen Horses is becoming a very popular country music band in Grand Rapids, MI. They are playing at a lot of local bars and even traveling as far as Wisconsin and Indiana for special events. One of the regular bars that Stolen Horses plays at is the Twisted Bull in Grand Rapids, MI. There are Bands at Twisted Bull all Friday and Saturday night. This is one of their most adored bars and David Lyle, lead singer, really enjoys their quality service and hospitality. Even being a lower capacity bar, they fill it night after night with great live music, great food, and excellent service. Another bar that Stolen Horses Plays at is the Intersection in Grand Rapids. Local Country Bands at the Intersection have the privilege of opening up for National Acts that come into town. About all month, Stolen Horses gets the opportunity to do this which really builds their resume and value. Even being a short 45 minute show, the band really gets excited to show what they got on stage at a venue that can hold over a thousand people. The service at this particular venue is also very superb. Another great bar that the Stolen Horses band plays at is the Cowboy Up Bar in Mendon, MI. Local Country Bands at Cowboy Up get the chance to play a lot of line dancing tunes being that they have a huge line dancing floor. The bar gets packed all Friday and Saturday night with people from all over the place. Stolen Horses has a few particular songs that really gets the crowd going at this place including Copper Head Road, She Things My Tractors Sexy, and The Barn Dance. The last time Stolen Horses played there was at their New Years Party which really brought in a ton of fun country music fans. To find out more about country music band Stolen Horses visit If you are interested in bookings contact Brandy Smith.

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If you thought music theory was a waste of time and not necessary to further your musical goals, then read these following 5 reasons why this is not true.

1. Read sheet music: Being able to play from any piece of sheet music. Well it may be hard to play BUT you can read it!

2. Be able to transpose: Say you are playing a piece from the sheet music you can now read but you think it sounds too high or too low, or just not right. Well now you can move it into a new key and play at a better singing.

3. Be able to modulate: You will be able to, with a few quick moves of the fingers, move your music into a new key with a succession of notes so pleasing to the ear it will bring a smile to your listeners faces.

4. It will increase your skill in improvising: Enough said.

5. Knowing music theory will help you recreate the sounds you enjoy in your favorite songs. Those fabulous chord progressions. The parts that give a song that certain sound. Gospel, Contemporary etc.

To learn music theory you don’t have to become a scholar on the subject. Just at least learn the basics. Getting a good music theory book and spending a few minutes a day reading from it and doing any included exercises can jump start your music playing.

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Bands and Professionalism, I view this is a very important topic. There are a lot of bands that don’t cross their T’s and dot their I’s. It’s for the most part fairly easy to learn your part of the song on your instrument and perhaps your vocal part, but there are many other things to take into account for your live performances. Remember, you’re being paid to do a job, and as fun as that job might be it is still in fact, a job. The venue owner or talent buyer is expecting you to come through with a quality performance. To start with, you need to arrive at the venue in plenty of time to set up and do your sound checks. Unless you really trust your sound man, you may need to have a long enough cord or a cordless system so you can stand out front and make sure all is well with the sound. Obviously there may need to be some adjustments when the place is full, but for the most part you should be in good shape.

For the performance itself, every band whether you’re doing covers or original material, your sound and stage presence or lack there of is what makes you and your show unique. Too much time (also known as dead air) between songs is definitely not good. For one thing, you tend to lose your audience’s attention and you need to keep your momentum.You can avoid this by having a set list so you know what song is coming up next. You can also purchase equipment with memory that will allow your instruments effects to be up and running at the start of each song. You can have the last note of one song to be the first of the next song allowing you to run songs together in a medley. In many cases a song will start with one instrument so if you play that instrument and you know the timing well enough you can start right in providing the rest of the band is prepared for that. Of course, you need to have some interaction with the audience and each band according to its personality will have its way of addressing this. Relax and go with the flow. Just remember people are there for the music not for a speech.

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When you decide that its time to download music off the Internet, it can be a complete nightmare when starting to look.

The issue of downloading illegal music makes the situation even worse, and so you’re left in the dark and end up either not downloading any music, or spending money on several different sites hoping that they will fit your needs.

We’re all aware of the major music download sites, such as Napster and iTunes which are the sites that pop into your head when you think of downloading music, but there are lots of other sites out there that give you the same choice and quality at a much cheaper price, or even for free.
This is because those companies are smaller, with fewer overheads and advertising costs and therefore they can afford to lower their prices and achieve a competitive advantage over the major players.

In fact, many of these cheaper sites only charge a one-off small time fee and from there you can download as much free music as you wish. There are no restrictions on the volume of music that you can download or on the speed at which you download.

These sites give you almost unlimited freedom.

On the other hand, the well-known sites that I mentioned earlier generally charge you per song, which can mount up to a serious amount of money (almost the same as buying a CD in a shop).
Furthermore, they’ve restrictions on download speeds and volumes which can be extremely frustrating; especially when you have paid a decent amount of money.

You might be asking yourselves why the big brand name companies charge more than these other sites and I’ve been pondering this for a long time.

I think it maybe due to the fact that these companies are so well-known, and they’re aware of this. Consequently, they’re confident that the majority of people looking for a music download service will come to them, and pretty much only them because of the trust people have for a brand.

Through knowing this, they realize they can charge a tiny extra than others without losing much custom.
We all know that brands are more high-priced than non-brand things and most of the time non-brand things are of the same or even higher quality.

For example, when I go to the supermarket, there are certain products that I buy which are non-branded; not solely because I need to save money, but because I know that this certain product is of the same quality if not higher quality. Therefore, in this case why not save?

The point is, there are free music download sites out there that have been positively reviewed by many happy customers. They offer you an alarming range of mp3s to download from, up to 14 million in some cases.

Furthermore, the speed at which you download the music is lightning and there are no download limits. If you wish to burn the music onto a CD then they can offer you this option as well online support.

If you check the sites ranking on you’ll see that the best ones are ranked in the top 10,000 most popular sites on the Internet. Personally I find this extremely impressive for just a music download site, especially when Napster is ranked in the 50,000s.

This traffic knowledge for me reinforces if a site is creditable or not.

It is therefore important for me to state that you can find top of the range free music download sites, but you must be careful before pulling out your credit cards and giving them your money.

My advice would be to check their traffic rankings on in order to find out whether there are actually people using the site or not.

Also, I would recommend doing a search on google for reviews of a particular site you come across. It might be that previous customers have given good or bad reviews on the site, in a forum for example.
That will consequently sway your decision.

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Evanescence tickets are not only a chance to see what many consider to be the hottest new band on the scene, but it’s also an opportunity to join a worldwide riddle. It seems that no one anywhere has had an easy time classifying this innovative act under one genre, and experts and fans alike have been trying for quite any time.

The band has been labeled as gothic rock, option rock, nu metal, piano rock, arena rock, wagnerian rock and just about any other type of rock imaginable. However, no one can agree exactly what they are, except that Evanescence tickets are guaranteed to provide fans with a memorable show. A look at their development may help provide you with an answer.

Band Beginnings

The band was founded in 1998 in Little Rock, Arkansas by lead singer and songwriter Amy Lee and former guitarist and songwriter Ben Moody after the two had met in a youth camp. It seems that Lee was playing the piano and Moody overheard her. The two got to talking, and they soon realized their shared passion for music.

They began to write music collectively, but there was one problem – they had no money to organize and promote any live shows. Therefore, they were left with sending out cheap demo tapes to local radio stations, and their songs got quite a bit of air time. Listeners quickly identified with their sound, and demand for live performances grew.

Making a Name

It was not long before Evanescence was playing local clubs, and their ascension to stardom was meteoric. They released several EP’s and even endured any controversy in the ensuing years, which actually served them well, as they got noticed.

The band members are Christian, and they were originally thought of as a Christian rock band. However, the band disclaimed their status as a Christian rock band, which prompted Christian stores to pull their EP’s from their shelves. There was much confusion with the overall theme of their work, but that confusion remains to this day.

The band did wind up signing a major record deal, and their first big-time release, Fallen, which came out in 2003, shot up to the top of the charts. It spent 43 weeks in the Billboard Top Ten, sold over 14 million copies and went 6x platinum. However, it was after this release that Moody left the band in the middle of a European tour. The only explanation given was “creative differences,” but it was apparent to their followers that Moody and Lee were simply no longer getting along.

The band has since released two subsequent albums with much the same success, and they continue to tour relentlessly. If you’re in the mood to take in a band that the music industry cannot seem to affix a label to, Evanescence tickets are just what you’ve been looking for.

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Intrigued in locating some wonderful new music to follow your dancing expertise? Perhaps you need to DJ a party or a marriage? Here are 7 of my greatest ideas to locate fantastic line dancing tunes.

State Bars or Golf equipment

A excellent spot to get started is to go to a place music club or line dance club where you will see boot-scooters dancing to well-known country and pop music. There is mostly a nation music club, and maybe a bar, in most key cities in the western world and based on your geographic area there could be a number of of them.

Line Dancing Journals

You can Google some magazines that hold up with the most up to date info on all thing from fashions to music as properly as the most up-to-date techniques.

Look for Engines

Just start out seeking and you will locate almost many things you could probably need to know about line dancing as effectively as great resources for new and aged line dancing music. You can simply discover out what other folks are dancing to and what the present trends are and what tunes is currently being used just by examining out a pair of blog posts or YouTube videos. For much more facts concerning this subject be sure to pay a visit to louisiana bands.

Line Dance Courses

You can study the methods and see what tunes are becoming applied and what you might be listening to in the around potential. Your ear will turn out to be accustomed to figuring out whether the song is the correct speed and rhythm for line dancing.

Place Radio

State Radio as very well as the best forty Place music charts can be good sources to discover up to the moment dance new music.

Message boards

There are on-line Forums that you can join (usually for no money) that bring with each other dancers from all about the earth to share information about
dancing tracks that are coming out as properly as the newest dance actions. You can also share activities with other members.

Golf equipment and Organizations

Golf equipment and other corporations satisfy in community areas to link like minded folks and occasionally they could also consist of a dwell region band at particular functions. These clubs are a fantastic way to make new pals and to learn all varieties of new music and bands you may not have listened to ahead of, particularly if nation tunes is not readily available on the regional radio station or supported in your nearby region.

I should say that Country songs is my beloved, but today’s line dancers dance to songs in nearly any group. I am sure there are many various styles such as soul and hip hop and I am sure Classical and Reggae can also be identified, but the most popular would have to be place which is choreographed to wonderful line dancing tunes. Something for all person. be a part of in and dance off the inches.