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How it started.
She actually sang, like all the artist, from early childhood. But the first professional steps made immediately after graduation. (Secondary school finished at age 16.) Singing solo is not just the beginning, first gained experience in various ensembles. Went to the concerts of various cities, recording songs for radio stations, participated in contests … One of them, and they acquired a cherished ticket to fame. This was the “Song of the Year”, where Pugachova got to the final. In the year of victory she recorded a solo album and began to acquire this reputation (now in its diskografii60 plates, the last, “Invitation to the sunset” was published last year.). By the time she was 28 years old. And before that the whole twelve years had to work hard while awaiting a minute …. No, at least thirty years of glory.

On pseudonyms.
You probably are not surprised, but Alla Borisovna had a nickname. No, the name, which is known, inherited from her father, Boris. This is about the composer Boris nosed. The point is that in those days (ie 70-th years of last century), each had reason to know its place. That is, if you – the singer – Sing, even if the musician writes music … It was not made to actor acted with the works of their own compositions. And that does not go beyond the commonly accepted, songs, sponsored by Pugachova, attributed to non-existent nosed.

Star TV.
In addition to songs, Alla Borisovna is known as an actress. It is unlikely that today’s youth about something will say the name of the movie “The woman whoever sings.” But for many, of course this is known. It is the fate of pop singer Anna Streltsov. Several times she tries to quit stage, feeling that there is no material which could fully disclose his talent. But the young lady is looking for and find your style, its genre, their songs. It takes a difficult life: to leave her husband, becomes the mother and, finally, is a large strong sense. Pugachova acted in this film starring role. In total, took part in more than twenty film and TV.

Radio, which is singing.
This is the slogan has a radio “Alla”. The phenomenon is that listening to this radio can only in Moscow. But aware of it, not only in Russia but also abroad. After the singer leaves the stage, radio remains the main project, and which actress would invest all their strength.

Help a young, novice artists.
The way Pugachyova in popularity, as was already known obstacles. Perhaps, therefore, she tries to help beginners, but be sure to talented artists. She gladly accepted the invitation to become a producer of “Star Factory 6”, which was a pleasant surprise for the participants in this project. Even among its merits is that since 2005 she has established his own prize “Allah”, which is given to talented performers at the festival “5 stars”, “New Wave”, “Song of the Year.” In addition to the gold star award is attached to the 50 thousand dollars (from Alla Pugacheva’s personal funds).

We can only wish the Russian Primadonna good health and ability to continue to please us on stage!

Guitar Music

Fur Elise is a famous piano solo by Beethoven. In this guitar lesson you will learn to play Fur Elise on your guitar. You don’t have to read sheet music notation so let’s start!

As I told you we will not use sheet music. Instead we will use guitar tablature.

Tablature is a form of musical notation, often with numbers and letters, which tells the player where to place their fingers on the guitar fretboard rather than which pitches to play.

I will use my own type of guitar tab notation today to make sure that the guitar tab is correctly displayed on article sites. The more common guitar tab staff notation you will find on my site.

The six strings on your guitar is numbered from the one with the highest pitch. This string is named the first string.

Let’s start with the first part of the melody with guitar tab:

01 42 01 42 01 02 32 12 23

Now we will take a look at this guitar tab and how to interpret it. You have probably noticed that the numbers are organized in pairs.

The first number in the pair tells you what fret to press down and the second number what string to play.

01 tells you to play the open first string. This means that you play the string without pressing down a left hand finger.

42 indicates that you press down a left hand finger on the fourth fret of the second string. Well, now it’s time for you to play the melody. Did you recognize the melody? Good!

This type of guitar tab doesn’t indicate the length of the notes. If you sing the lyrics you will probably feel how to play the notes.

What finger should you use when you play with your right hand? In this guitar lesson we will not concentrate on your right hand. I suggest that you play the notes with your thumb or in another way you choose.

Let’s play the next guitar tab:

35 24 23 02 24 13 02 12

What about your left hand? You can play the notes with your index finger but I suggest that you assign the notes on the first fret to your index finger, the notes on the second fret to your middle finger and so on.

It means that the 42 note in the beginning of the melody will be played with your little finger. Is it difficult? Yes, it will be difficult but not for long! You will get used to these fingerings if you are persistent!

In the long run you will probably even find it easier to play melodies this way if you get used to this more sophisticated fingering!

Let’s continue! The next guitar tab is identical with the first line:

01 42 01 42 01 02 32 12 23

and the next guitar tab nearly the same as the second line:

35 24 23 02 24 12 02 23

A new melodi is introduced:

02 12 32 01 03 11 01 32

and ends this way:

34 01 32 12 24 32 12 02

By now you know how to play this guitar tab notation so let’s play on!

01 42 01 42 01 02 32 12 23

35 24 23 02 24 13 02 12

01 42 01 42 01 02 32 12 23

35 24 23 02 24 12 02 23

Now you can play Fur Elise by Beethoven with guitar tab. Congratulations!

I suggest that you memorize the melody one line at a time so that the reading of this guitar tab will not slow you down when you play the melody in public!

This is a nice melody to know by heart as part of your repertoire for example when somebody asks you to play something! Everyone knows this song, don’t they!

Live Bands

In any wedding function, music is one of the important factors that enhance the entire atmosphere of the occasion. People hosting wedding functions are quite particular about the preparations regarding the wedding and formalities involved in the entire process. Music is the most important aspect in such functions, as the people and guests in the occasion eagerly look forward to dance and enjoy themselves on the big day. Wedding bands for hire is the general trend that is popular in many cases, where people hire wedding bands for the big day and the band group.

With the advancement in technology, there are innovations everywhere and similarly, the wedding bands and their groups undergo some alterations such as they have different choices of songs from which the clients can make a choice as per their taste. These wedding bands when performing live are available for a period of three to five hours and they agree to perform only with the required permissions from the concerned authorities of the administration bodies. There are many types of wedding bands for hire as per the preferences of the hirers and these are such as light music bands, hard rock bands and the normal ones that play various forms of music as per the request. The demand for the normal bands is high, as they cover everyone’s taste and likings.

However, the present generation people prefer electronic wedding band that is an artificial band, which has only one man performing and that is, the Dj or disc jockey with the help of electronic musical devices. This system of wedding Bands For Hire is a bit expensive, but the output of music is better, as everything is possible on electronic system devices. This wedding band system is louder and people are bound to groove, as the DJ has vast collections of music. However, there are majority of people, who even in the presence of the advanced technology prefer the performance of live wedding bands.

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Guitar Music

Playing guitar is just about one of the most enjoyable things you can do. Ask any guitar player and they will tell you that. The trouble is, when you are first starting out, the learning curve can be pretty steep, which makes it pretty tough to reach the enjoyment stage. It’s hard to enjoy something when your fingers are sore and you don’t really know how to play anything! For this reason, you’ll find a few easy guitar songs below. Enjoy!

Please bear in mind that there is not the space or the scope to give you an in depth explanation of rhythms and strumming here, so the best thing to do is to play along with the record until you have at least a basic idea of how it should sound.

Song 1- House Of The Rising Sun, by the Animals

A great song, tremendously well known and very popular. You?ll find that simply knowing this song will cause any people to give you great acclaim as a guitar player, which can be pretty odd when you are just starting out!

Chords: Am, C, D, F, Am, E, Am

Song 2- Freebird by Lynrd Skynrd

This tune is an all time great, and guaranteed to cause legions of beer drinking men all over the world to lock arms and hoist their lighter?s in the air! Obviously the guitar solo at the end takes any time to master, but if you forget about that and just go with the chords you can build up a pretty convincing version of this classic song.

Main Verse Chords- G, D/F#, Em, F, C, D

Chorus- F, C, D

Fast Part at the end- G5, A#5, C5, (cycle all 3 over and over)

Song 3- Knockin On Heaven’s Door, Bob Dylan/Guns n Roses

One of the easiest songs to learn and get sounding really good. Just a thing to note, if you need to play along with the Guns? version, note that they tune their guitars down a half step, so the chords you play will need to be one step flat to sound the same as their recording.

Chords: G, D, Am7

Song 4- For What It’s Worth, Buffalo Springfield.

Ever wonder what Neil Young did before he was old and grizzled? He was in bands like this. This song is possible the easiest song to learn for a beginning guitar player, as it’s just the same two chords cycled over and over. Songs like this prove that you don’t have to be Steve Vai or someone like that to write and play good music.

Chords: E, A, E, A etc etc

Song 5- Sympathy For Devil, The Rolling Stones

An excellent song, and one that many people are surprised to find is so simple to play.

It sounds excellent whether played on a beat up acoustic or on an electric, so go to town!

Chords: E, D, A, E over and over

Chorus- B, E, B, E over and over

Learning simple guitar songs like this is a great way to build up your confidence and experience with the instrument. Once you get these songs down, you’ll be ready to go on and tackle more and more difficult songs each time!

Guitar Music

When you play a guitar, you will have to know how to pick a guitar and these are any of them.

There is the standard style of picking a guitar. The standard style is holding the pick between the flat of the thumb and the side of the index finger with your fingers either anchored on or draped across the pick guard.

This style does have any disadvantages. You will find that pressing the thumb against the side of the finger to be an uncomfortable position. You will also find that if you don’t press hard enough, the pick will become unsteady when you pick the string. You will find that the pick will catch on the strings.

There is a variation of the standard style where the remaining fingers are in a loose or tight fist. There should be no contact between the hand and the guitar except through the pick. The advantage of this standard style variation is that you should have less baggage to swing around. This is because the mass of the fingers are closer to the axis of the wrist.

The main disadvantage of this variation is that even in the greatest of players, they were inconsistent in the accuracy of their playing. They kept on losing on losing their point of reference of fingers that were touching the pick guard.

Another variation of the standard style is that the palm rests flat on the bridge, either behind or in front, depending whether the strings need muting or not. You can have other fingers open or closed.

This standard style variation is perfect for electric guitar players who usually deal with feedback that they don’t want.

The problem with this variation is that you have to play with a side to side motion rather than at the wrist. This will eventually lead to having a locked wrist and you will not be able to play faster.

There is another variation of standard style. When you play using this variation, you have the thumb side of your palm raised with the opposite side of your palm resting on the bridge. The only difference between this variation and the regular standard style is the hand location.

Another variation of the standard style is called circle picking. You hold the pick the same way as the standard style. You move by flexing the first joint of the thumb, with the index finger extending at its second joint. You slide the pick along the string before crossing it, turning counterclockwise on down strokes and clockwise on upstrokes. This essentially means that you are making a circular motion to play the strings and the reason that it is called circle picking.

The main advantage is that you can play several strings with no arm or wrist motion at all. The tones sound nice when using this style. It is a fun way to play if you don’t mind looking weird.

The main problem with this picking style is that your feel will suffer. You will constantly have to will yourself to control your timing. It is hard to do large strokes like strumming. You will find eventually that the extra motion of the thumb and index finger are inefficient and limit speed.

George Benson has a unique picking style. When you want to use the pick like George Benson, you put the pick between the tip of the thumb and the flat of the index finger. The middle finger should rest against the index finger. The first joint of the thumb should be locked in a fully open position. You should the first and second joints of the index finger arched and locked. You should find that the pick is 90 degrees counterclockwise from the standard style.