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It is not that simple to pull out a definition of blues. You can tell that Robert Johnsons’ Rambling on My Mind or B.B. King’s Everyday I Have the Blues is definitely blues, but what about van Halen, Al Di Meola or Pavarotti’s songs?

Of course, you could define the blues by the call-response structure, the dominant 7th chords, the shuffle rhythm, the I-IV-V progression and things like these, but the most complete definition is one that Eric Clapton himself gave to blues music in an interview in 1998:

My definition of Blues is that it’s a musical form which is very disciplined and structured coupled with a state of mind, and you can have either of those things but it’s the two together that make it what it is. And you need to be a student for one, and a human being for the other, but those things alone don’t do it. (Eric Clapton, 1998)

The Blues History

There are many books on the history of blues. It was born in the 20th century’s Mississippi Delta in the U.S., short after the Civil War. This music style was played by slaves and white people referred to it as sorrow songs, plantation songs or workaday songs. The term blues was used for the first time around 1925.

It is believed that the band leader William Christopher Handy was the one to write the first blues songs in 1909, which was later printed and documented. The song was initially named Memphis Blues and got the name of Mister Crump later. He got his inspiration from a blues song he heard in the Mississippi railway station six years earlier. W.C. Handy wrote other songs too, such as Beale Street Blues or St. Louis Blues and nowadays there’s a blues award named after him the W.C. Handy Award.

What Do You Need To Learn To Play Blues Guitar?

In order to learn to play blues guitar, there are a few things you need. First of all, you need to own an electric or acoustic guitar with strings made from other than nylon in standard tuning. You also need to know how to read tablature, as well as have any basic guitar knowledge and know how to play a few chords.

You also need any Eric Clapton CDs with blues classics, such as Blues Breakers, From the Cradle or Eric Clapton Unplugged and a good CD player with an auto-repeat shuffle. There’s also a plug-in for Winamp you can use to slow down music. A small chord book you can find in any guitar shop is also handy. But most importantly, in order to learn to play blues guitar, you need any good ears.

If you already have any basic guitar knowledge, you can learn to play blues guitar on your own, with the aid of a simple chord book. However, finding a blues guitar teacher who is willing to help you learn to play blues guitar in your area is definitely a good thing. If you have the time and money to take up private lessons, this will probably help improving your guitar playing skills.

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Here at Concord Management the range of musical genres our party bands for hire are as well versed as they are entertaining. Our live bands specialise in pop music from all eras, rock n roll bands, R&B groups and for anyone that enjoys swinging the partners to and from we have a number of barn dance party bands for hire. Some of our bands specialise in one particular era, whereas others offer a complete musical repertoire from a time or place that means so much to you. This means that if you need to find party bands for hire to transport you back to those special moments of your life or if you’re simply someone that loves kicking their heels up then we can provide you with the band of your choice.
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So, you are looking to download music video for Ipod? Well, this article will show you exactly how to do that. One of the greatest features of Ipods is the versatility they have in being used for not just music. You can even watch music videos! Read on and I will show you how to do it.

The first thing to consider before you even start is that you will perobably have to get any specialised MP4 conversion software. Most music videos, movies etc are in avi or WMV format. These are good formats, but they’re not compatible with the Ipod, which needs MP4 videos to play. It isn’t difficult to find software which will convert avi’s/wmv’s etc to MP4 so do a search with your favourite search engine, and you will certainly find some. .

When the files have been converted to the MP4 format, you just import them into Itunes as usual. This isn’t difficult or time consuming, but you must remember to put your files into the right format BEFORE they’re transferred to Itunes. If you don’t, it can cause problems later.

Once all of the files have been imported to Itunes, simply connect your Ipod and transfer them. How to download music video for Ipod really is that easy!

What is more challenging than how to download music video for Ipod is where to download music video for Ipod. The places where you can find these are not known to most people. You can of course get them from Itunes or whatever, but if you know the right places to find them, you can commonly find what you would normally have to pay for, available for free!

Take your time to do any research and you will find websites with MILLIONS of Ipod files available for download, from music videos to movies to songs. You have got to be very careful to avoid bad websites which are infected with spyware, but I’ve worked out any of the best ones, so check out the links below to access these sites and get hold of a free downloads.

There you’ve it, you’ve now learned to download music video to your Ipod. As I said, it isn’t the how that’s difficult, it’s the where, but check out the links below and you’ll soon be enjoying all the free downloads you could want!

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So, are you a struggling musician whoever is wondering how to broaden your fanbase and sell more music? So, are you wishing there were ways you could make more personal connections with the fans you do have? Well, simply turn your attention to the Internet because all of those things are entirely possible. When you use music social networks to help market your music, you are doing yourself a fun and inexpensive favor. A music social network site is one of the most important phenomena to arise out of the whole electronic communications movement. Just ask any musician or band (Animal Collective, for example) whoever owes much of their success to music social networks and blogging sites, and that is likely what they’ll tell you.

In a nutshell, this is how a music social networking site works: musicians and listeners alike sign up for accounts and create profiles. They then populate their profiles with personal info, pictures, audio tracks, and other types of content. Their profile usually reflects whoever they are and what they are into, especially in terms of music. Then, the listeners seek out new bands to listen to and subsequently find out what new music is to their liking through a variety of methods. Some folks prefer to conduct broad searches, although others look for specific genres, although others still look at whoever their friends are listening to. A final method to learning about new music on a music social network site is by following links to other band’s pages from your own favorite bands’ profiles. Now you should view how it helps to make connections with many people, as you never know whoever you’ll end up interacting with and what that interaction might bring.

Another useful thing about music social networks is that fact that musicians have the opportunity to network with other musicians. So, are you looking for some new artists to collaborate with? A music social networking site is probably the best way to go about that. Have you been attempting to put together a tour or organize a festival? On a music social network site, you can listen to the bands and watch their videos before you even contact them, that way you know whether or not they are worth contacting to begin with! Pretty cool, huh?

The ability to buy and sell music via the Internet is yet another advantageous aspect of using a music social networking site. For fans, it is a way to buy music directly from the artists, which makes you feel like you’re really supporting them. It also allows listeners to pick and choose what they want to buy–if they only want a few songs, this is usually possible as long as the artist allows their music to be sold that way. So, as an example, if a listener has just started out with a new band, they might likely not buy the whole album right away, but would rather purchase a track or two to get them started.

Rock Music

I want to give you a challenge. Find me a country that does not have music of any kind. Search anywhere you like. Explore the jungles of South America, make your way through African tribes, or discover the peoples of South Asia. No matter where you visit I guarentee you this: all country will, without doubt, have any form of music. Their people will make music, play music, and move to music.

From California to China, people love music. There is something about music that is core to humanity. What makes a little baby respond to the soft humming of its mother? Or what makes an old woman on the streets of India turn to the sound of a drum? Music is truly a language that is spoken by all person on the earth.

There are many reasons that people love the sound of good music. Music moves us. There is something about the beat of a drum or the rhythm of an orchestra that can cause people of all ages to stand to their feet and move. We are so affected by sound, and when that sound is pleasing to us it forces a response. That response can be the simple clapping of hands or it can be the dancing of our entire bodies.

People all around the world also love music because it is beautiful. There is nothing more amazing then going to an opera or than seeing a symphony orchestra perform. Even the sounds of our prized album playing in our car remind us that when we hear music, we are encountering any element of sheer beauty. We cannot quite define why music sounds beautiful to our ears, but I have yet to meet a person who does not like one kind of music or another.

That is another great thing about music: it is diverse. You can love classical music, country music, or rock and roll music. Some people prefer music with only a simple melody while others enjoy music with many complicated notes and sounds. What is beautiful to one person may not be named beautiful to another. And that is a beautiful thing.

Music connects people to events and helps them to remember any of life’s most significant events. I’ll bet you remember the first song you and your spouse danced to, and I bet you can name the song that played the first time you drove a car by yourself. Music is great that way. We can define entire seasons of our life based on the kind of music that we enjoyed during that time. Every one has been with a parent when an “oldies” song comes on the radio and the parent begins singing out the lines of the song, remembering with fondess their younger years.

From Africa to Alabama to Argentina, music is an important element of culture. By it we define people and countries. Sometimes we enjoy the style, sometimes we would rather not hear it, but most of the time we all agree that music is a wonderful thing. Our lives would be very different and our world a less unified place if we did not have music.

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Wedding is supposed to be a very auspicious and emotional occasion for the concerned people and thus, very special care is taken about each and mostly all aspect inclusive in the wedding ceremony. When ever there is a wedding more than any one else the people involved in making the entire procedure happen becomes very tired in deed and thus, they need some thing to cheer them up. Thus, entertainment becomes a very essential part in any occasion for that matter. In case of wedding the music should not be very loud as it might not match up with the entire dcor and ambience. Though the options might differ but music should be soft, melodious and touching so that the entire wedding ceremony becomes memorable and cherished by all. While understanding this basic necessity of wedding Function Junction presents their expert bands for hire specially for a wedding occasion. They understand the exact need and usage of entertainment and music in a wedding ceremony and hence, they render the perfect soul to the entire occasion in the form of music.

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1. They provide expert bands for hire to make the juncture cheerful and prosperous
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6. Their particular wedding entertainment agency gain a lot of name in this particular industry for sure
7. Their wedding function bands are very commercial but provide supreme quality work

All their specified and other services make them the first choice among all other contenders existing in the market. Thy have lived up to the expectations of their clients and their services are ultimate. Though there are other contenders in this particular industry but the services provided by Function Junction are just the best among all. They are a big name in this particular industry. Their expert team knows the exact tactic to make their customer’s happy and satisfied for the same. They have the power to make any concerned occasion completely lively and rejuvenating through their music for sure.

Guitar Music

In this article we will look at any reasons for playing musical instruments. Learning to play a musical instrument can offer many benefits, if you really want to learn how to do something in your lifetime, then you should think about learning to play a musical instrument.

Let’s look at any reasons why in this article:

Reasons for playing musical instruments – You can become smarter

Studies have shown that those that play a musical instrument in school, do better with their studies than those who do not. It is said that playing musical instruments has a therapeutic effect on the brain. By playing musical instruments from a young age, they develop ones reading skills, a child’s ability to learn, and they also raise the child’s IQ. Adults can benefit also because it makes one able to focus better resulting in effects such as more mental focus and improved memory.

Reasons for playing musical instruments – Learn Discipline

Many people who play music are very disciplined. You have to be disciplined in order to master the instrument you are playing. You need to set aside time each day to practice, practice, and further practice. While many people goof around watching TV and Gossiping, you have to set that time aside to practice on your chosen instrument.

Reasons for playing musical instruments – Instruments relive stress

When you hear soft soothing music, it can de stress many people. We all need days when we need to just sit and soothe our minds. Life can be hectic and stressful. Playing an instrument can relax you by calming the mind.

Reasons for playing musical instruments – A sense of achievement

If you’re new to playing a musical instrument, getting your first piece right can be very frustrating. However, once you achieve this, you can have an overwhelming feeling of achievement and satisfaction.

Playing musical instruments is fun

Playing an instrument can be very hard work, but most people who play will tell you that playing an instrument is a whole lot of fun. Once you get better playing your chosen musical instrument, you will be able to demonstrate what you have learn to families and friends.

You may even choose to go further with your skills and aim for playing musical instruments at a professional level. Playing musical instruments opens up many possibilities which can only be a positive thing. We are sure that by learning to play a musical instrument, your life can only be enriched.

Guitar Music

There are several websites that provide guitar lessons, some even for free. The modules are mostly designed by guitarists that have already found success in music and are now trying to provide some useful tips to beginner guitar players. There are both advantages and disadvantages if you need to learn guitar fast online.

The Good

Many of us don’t necessarily need to learn to play the guitar like pros. They just need to learn a few chords to play at campfires and impress their friends or family with their music playing skills. These people are not interested in investing time and money into a more complete learning program, such as private guitar lessons. For them, being able to learn guitar fast online is a great thing.

Even if you would like to learn how to play the guitar well, you might not have the time and resources to do it. If you have a job, a family and various errands to run every day, traveling back and forth to guitar classes might not be for you. Being able to learn guitar fast by practicing whenever you find some free time without having to leave the house is a good thing.

Online lessons are often more dynamic and successful in keeping you focused than a theory book. They mostly include graphics, animated images and demo sounds to make it easier for you to learn. If you get stuck, you mostly can ask the guitarist providing those lessons for help.

And last, but not least, online guitar lessons are very inexpensive, sometimes even free. In contrast, private lessons are often expensive and you have to pay per hour. Not everyone wants to invest so much money into learning to play the guitar.

The Bad

As tempted as you might be to learn guitar fast online, you have to consider the drawbacks as well. If you are serious about playing the guitar, nothing compares to a good teacher. Online lessons can only provide a standard teaching program, while a teacher can tailor his/her method on your learning style.
Online lessons can not actually focus on your particular learning needs. You might need to focus more on certain aspects, but a teaching program is standard and tries to respond to the needs of average guitar players. In contrast, a private teacher will give you personal attention and respond to your specific needs.

With online lessons, no one will applaud you when you’re progressing and get you motivated. A private teacher can provide you with positive feedback and knows how to increase your motivation when necessary.

Finally, you might be making some mistakes you will not even notice and end up playing badly. With online lessons, no one will be there to correct them. A private teacher will spot your mistakes fast and correct them in time before they turn into long-term habits.

If you need to truly learn to play the guitar well, it might be better to dedicate a little more time and work to the learning process. However, for many people who don’t need to become superstars or don’t have the time to do it, the opportunity to learn guitar fast online is actually great.

Guitar Music

PsP handhelds are one of the newest and most fun ways to play games, watch movies and listen to music. PsP music downloads PsP movies downloads are just some things that you can do on your psp besides just games. PsP Music is fun and easy to download.

There are many places on the net were one can find places for psp music downloads and psp movie downloads. Some sites have you pay per song or movie, and sometimes charge up to a couple dollars for each download. Other sites require a membership and a monthly fee were the members share files. This method sometimes may be frustrating when you are in the middle of a download and the user signs off before the download is complete.

I prefer to use sites that have a onetime membership for psp music, psp movie, psp games and psp software downloads. The best sites have their databases jammed pack with over a million songs, movies, games, and software available for downloading. Some of these sites have no limit to the amount of downloads you do per day.

There are a few sites were the database does not have quality psp movies and psp music downloads and they might be very slow to download. I have placed a link at the top of this site for a one that has quality psp music, psp movies, psp games and software downloads. You may want to check it out.

Once you have downloaded some psp music, movies and games you can take them anywhere you go. This is great when you have places to go or have long travel times to get somewhere. It really helps to pass the time away while your having fun either listening to psp music or watching a psp movie or just playing a new game. There are so many games available. You should never run out of games to play music to listen to and movies to watch.

Make sure that what ever site you choose, comes with a money back guarantee in case your not satisfied with their database of music songs games and software. I have been using the above site for over three months and never had the need to ask for my money back. I now have so many psp movies, psp music and games downloaded that I often find it hard to decide which game to play, song to listen to, or movie to watch. If you’re wise and make the right choice you will be having fun all day long with your psp.

Please visit some of my sites PsP Music Downloads and PsP Movies

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What is more romantic for a bride and groom than looking inside of their wedding bands and seeing a personalized engraving with special meaning for them?

There are a few ways to accomplish this task that your jeweler will recommend and now any new processes available that increase the limits of the message that may be created on rings.

Let us review the traditional methods most currently being used in the marketplace.

Firstly, there is hand engraving done by an artisan engraver using a hand tool called a graver. It is not a perfect process and the results will depend on the quality and skill of the craftsman doing the work.

Also generally used is machine engraving which is much more precise but mostly limited to one row of words using up to 20 characters to be engraved on the ring.

Now, a specialty process adapted to a not so new technology, called laser engraving, has opened up a whole new realm of possibilities for wedding couples who are thinking of engraving their rings. Wedding bands are now being created with entire messages that are clearly readable and up to 225 character long. This allows the ability to write whole passages, even entire wedding vows, on the inside of the wedding bands. Currently, bridal couples are choosing from civil vows, gay partner vows, religious vows, love poetry, Shakesperean Sonnets, and even writing their own vows. .

This sentimental and romantic addition to your wedding bands can forever be a reminder of your love and the commitments made, and add a special and unique touch to your wedding day.
Jerry Biern
www. weddingvowrings. com