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For too long, classical music has been regarded as the domain of instrumentalists, composers, academic musicologists and, typically, anyone over 40 years old. But while the majority of today’s youth would rather listen to Britney Spears’ greatest hits or watch My Chemical Romance on MTV, the view that young people are completely uninterested in classical music is not only erroneous – it’s simply not grounded in historical reality.

Mozart, widely regarded as one of the greatest classical composers of all time, wrote his first symphony at age eight and was dead by the age of 35. Schubert also died when he was 31, while Chopin famously didn’t live past the age of 39. Moreover, the phenomenon of the castrato in classical music in the 1700s shows that young people have not only been interested in classical music throughout the years – they’ve practically been canonised as part of a classical music tradition that, although lost, is not forgotten.

Today’s orchestras, choirs and opera houses are packed with young singers and musicians, many of whom are still in their twenties. Moreover, almost all modern, successful classical musicians will have undergone training from a very young age. Charlotte Church may have made headlines when she released her debut album “Voice of an Angel” in 1998 aged just thirteen, but while her phenomenal mainstream luck wasn’t typical, the fact that she was such a young musician in the classical industry was.

In the twenty-first century, the likes of Katherine Jenkins and “male soprano” Michael Maniaci, 28 and 29 years of age respectively, are making headlines the world over for their innovative approach to classical music and their stunning vocal range. Edward Gardner, the new Music Director of Glyndebourne on Tour (one of the UK’s premier operatic fixtures), is also only 28, proving that there’s certainly no dearth of young people performing classical music, although there may be fewer youths than OAPs listening to it.

But as classical music institutions and performing arts organisations try their best to reduce their median audience age, classical music is not only becoming more accessible to young people – it’s also becoming more affordable. Scottish Opera, for instance, offer special ticket deals for people under 26, while many music-specialist booksellers are making classical music books and guides that will help younger classical listeners learn more about the craft. So while many may lament the loss or decline of youth interest in classical music in today’s world, they need only look towards the country’s concert halls to view where the future lies.

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Not many years ago nobody had heard about music downloads and free music was nothing but a dream. When we wanted to play music we had to listen to radio, watch TV or go to the Music Store and buy our music which meant; long playing records (abbreviated as LP), extended playing records (abbr. EP), single playing records (with a and b sites though) or CDs. Time has changed. The popularity of online music downloads has soared in recent years thanks to devices such as the iPod and cell phones which can now play music everywhere you go. Unfortunately as many avid music listeners know the costs of subscription music services can add up quick. Thanks to underground music sites which offer free downloads of independent artists and bands there are alternatives to taking a bite out costs.

These sites offer downloads of free music at no cost with no gimmicks or strings attached. Several artists just getting started view the Internet as the best way to promote their music and setup sites or join existing ones to help spread their bands unique style or message. Even popular artists you may already know have jumped aboard and offered selections of their music for free in order to thank fans and promote upcoming new releases.

Several people are concerned about legal implications of music downloads because of recently news reports about illegal downloads. However with underground sites the songs are perfectly legal and made available to all. In fact the term “underground” refers to using alternative methods, such as the Internet, to distribute the music and has nothing to do at all with illegal downloading.

The best feature of all is that some of these underground artists will be tomorrow’s biggest stars and you can enjoy their early music and help spread their songs to friends and others. So fire up those iPods, crank up the media players and head to the underground for some of the best music available online at absolutely no charge.

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There are many music download sites on the Internet, though the legality of some of these services is debatable and the companies that produce CDs and records are trying to close some down.

The concept these sites use to justify what they do is that of file sharing between individual members. File sharing is probably legal, but the file sharing of copyright material may not be legal.

The MP3 format has changed the face of music. Music and speech can be converted to MP3 files easily. Some detail is lost but this is not detectable on most MP3 players. MP3 files take up much less space on a hard drive than a conventional audio file. This allows personal MP3 players to hold hundreds of MP3 files on their hard drives, whereas they would only hold 10 -20 conventional audio files.

Music download sites hold a database of files belonging to their members and you access members’ own computers to download the music MP3 files you are searching for. Several of the music files have viruses in them, sometimes deliberately put there. Several more files contain spy-ware, giving the provider access to data on your Internet use or even files on your computer.

Some of the download sites themselves install spy-ware on your computer and then sell the information gathered to third party users.

Better, probably, to pay the small monthly download fee from paying sites and download your MP3 music legally and in safety. This way the artist gets rewarded for their effort, and it only seems fair to pay them for the entertainment they give us. If you like an artist or group then encourage them to produce more music of the same type by paying the small fee that is asked, and stay legal at the same time.

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Music lovers have never had it so good. Finding our favorite music is very much easy now, thanks to the innumerable sites that offer music online. Buying music online is so much better compared to the traditional methods. We dont have to buy a cassette or disc and find out later that the music did not appeal to our tastes.

We can listen to the music online before deciding to buy them. Most of the music sites offer this facility. Again there are sites in which u can register as a member for a small amount and listen to or download as much music as we like. Many websites offering free downloads are also on the net.

Most of the best works by the musicians and singers are protected by copy right laws which doesnt allow their works to be distributed free of cost. This method of protection is perfectly reasonable because the artists should be rewarded for their effort and skill. The works of these artists are given to the music lovers by some websites by paying the artists copyright fees. Most of the free download music sites which are providing these types of music survive because of the commercial advertisements and affiliate programs. But there are websites which distributes poor quality music under the label of free music. Some works distributed by these websites are pirated copies of original works which is completely illegal.

It is also affecting the recording companies, who promote the works of these artists. This is why the artists and recording companies take the aid of law to curb piracy. The websites are forced to pay a fee for offering free downloads. They generate money from ads and other affiliate links and programs. Almost all websites have the same features with regard to offering free downloads. It is better you go through them once to check the one which you really need.

The artists who are new to the music industry may be keen, to find out ways of promoting and popularizing their work among the masses, without having to spend much. Most of the new comers may not get an opportunity to get their work promoted by established recording companies.

Piracies also badly affect recording companies that pay huge sums of money to the artists for getting copyright. With internet becoming so vast and difficult to monitor many companies have suffered huge losses due to online piracy. There are many peer to peer sites that allow members to freely copy and distribute music. Authorities are increasingly finding means to curb illegal activity through them. Sites offering free music download also pay royalties. They make use of alternate revenues to make these payments, usually by selling advertising space on their webpage. Some sites that sell free music are also funded by music enthusiasts.

In this way the website also gets benefited and also the new artists who need to establish themselves as quality artistes. Once the work becomes hit, the traffic in these websites increases and thereby their income from ads. Thus legal free downloads are good for both the artists and the website owner or host. So next time, you make a download free make sure it is legal.

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Music soothes the mind. In fact, music, even in olden days appealed the audience and it does so even now. Music is a wide term. Hence, it might be categorized into a number of genres in many a different ways. Basically, a music genre is a particular category of music which has sounds or notes unique to it that might be distinguished from other types of music.

But, due to the varied purpose that each genre of music has and the varied points of view through which they’re created, this categorization of music is very often considered illogical and controversial. Many times it is seen that closely related genres seem to overlap. That is why; such generic classification of music is not good and this type of categorization sets boundaries and limitation for music. This in a way hampers the smooth development of music.

That is why; the popular music belongs to a broad range of musical genre that has a wide appeal. Thus, popular music generally refers to all those different styles of music that might be easily accessible to the general public and that might be distributed, broadcasted or even advertised by one or more forms of mass media.

Popular music is also made in order to make a profit. That is why; the popular music artists have an appeal throughout the world irrespective of culture, caste or creed. The popular music is the most marketed form of music. Most of the commercial radio stations, commercial music retailers and even the common departmental stores seem to have popular music.

In fact, the popular music artists use their songs in movies and even in television shows for commercial viability. In this respect, popular music and pop music seems to merge. It may seem that pop music is abbreviated from popular music, but this is not the case. In fact, pop music has a wide appeal of its own.

Pop music is also commercially recorded music but it is generally targeted towards the youth market. Pop music as a genre is in particular associated with the rock and roll. Being distinctly different from jazz and folk music, pop music artists list is varied. Being a softer alternate option of the rock and roll style, the pop music mostly aims towards the singles chart and not the sum total of all the charts.

Originating in Britain in the mid 1950s, the pop music artists list includes such legends as Elvis Presley, The Beatles, the Carpenters, ABBA whoever rocked the world with their immortal songs between 1960s and 1970s. Frank Sinatra whoever started off quite early as 1935 continued till the 1990s. Michael Jackson, Madonna, Elton John, Bryan Adams, Cher, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, the Bee Gees, George Michael, Lionel Ritchie Michael Bolton all started off their careers in and around the 1970s and have till now continued to entertain a wide variety of audience throughout the world. The more recent stars of the late 1990s like Maria Carey, Robbie Williams, Ricky Martin, Backstreet Boys, Boyzone, Beyonce Knowles, Christina Aguilera, Destiny’s Child, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Britney Spears have till date entertained and continue to do so for even a decade or more.

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Those people who have keen interest in music choose music career as it fulfils their inner needs and pays off good in return. There are plenty of young students, who always in search of good music schools over the internet. Advents of new technology and advanced music instrument has made this career more exciting and attractive. Good music education can help those students who want to become singer, instrument player, music composer, etc. There are many easy ways to learn music instruments and singing; however, in self teach, there always be lack of professional approach. Therefore, it is necessary to join music college to have professional career in music.

After entering the music classes, most of the students prefer instrument like drum and guitar as most of the students come with the approach to start their own band. Playing these instruments is perfectly not so easy, as it requires lots of hard work and dedication. Music career can be rewarding, if students fully dedicate themselves towards the music. There are several examples of music icons who are leading luxurious life due to their music career. However, one should not forget that they do lots of hard work on their talent to remain in competition. During times when taking admission in one of the best music schools, it is important that student at least have any knowledge about music with little experience. It would benefit students while taking admission if they’ve prior experience of instrument and singing classes.

At music schools students get chance to augment their skills and capability to perform without any assistance. For a successful music career, it is important for a person attending a music school or college. Enrolling in a music school is beneficial for students as they get chance to learn music professionally from experts. A student can initially start with other activities in music school if he does likely not want to pick instrument at first. Apart from that, a student must look for music schools that cater to their requirements. For instance, if a student want to pianno lessons than he should go for the college or school, which is specialised in piano. It is always good to go with the college that have professional music instructors with years of experience in the same field. Selecting the right colleges is not that tough, as ample of information is available through internet for choosing the right music school or college.

The syllabus of the music school comprises classes related to different types of instruments such as Guitar, Piano, Violin, and Flute. The lessons of all these instruments are detailed and guide students to learn the instrument in the great manner. Whether a person’s choice is to get guitar lesson or piano lesson, he’ll get proper attention of the teachers and guide to learn his lesson in a proper manner. When it comes to drama and communication course, the syllabus include speech and drama, public speaking, effective communication, choral verse speaking, solo acting, duologue’s, group drama, etc. By attending the drama schools, a student can try to create a successful career in the field of acting

Live Bands

Making the right choice for a function band today is important for any type of event. Selecting the right music is vital to the success of the event. If people don’t enjoy the music, they are not likely to stay very long.

At the same time you need to make considerations for the overall event. While any people might like one type of music, others might enjoy another type altogether. Finding a band that can offer you a variety of sounds is a great way to solve the problems.

You might want to listen to a sample of the music that is available. Some of the bands that can be hired for private parties offer you a demo tape. Others might perform live which is a great way to learn how they will sound for your event.

Making sure that the options offered are going to be available is important to the success of your event also. For a band that offers a variety of different types of music there are often other members that perform specific roles. Making sure that you are clear about your wishes will be important when hiring a band of this type to ensure that the right instruments and members come along to your event.

There has been a recent shift from using recorded music to having a live performance instead. As a result you might need to schedule your choice quite a bit in advance to make sure they are available. You might be lucky enough to find a band available at the last minute but it is not as easy to do and can be rather expensive.

The decisions that you might make will include choices such as corporate bands or jazz bands. There are several different things that you might want from a live band. When you are able to find one that can provide you with many different music styles you can provide entertainment for anyone.

When you are looking for a function band you will find that you have a number of choices available today. Making the decision to hire a band that can provide a number of choices for your music for an event these days. When you need to provide entertainment for any reason you will learn of bands that can provide you with a number of choices for the music you decide to have.

Down for the Count are a sensational swing and soul band, and are the perfect entertainment for any event.A London-based Jazz, Swing, Rat Pack, Soul and Motown band. Formed by a group of nine friends in 2005, the band has gone on to perform at countless wedding receptions, corporate events and parties throughout the UK and abroad, and is now considered to be one of the finest function bands in the country.

The band has the perfect blend of youth and experience, with members having performed alongside artists as diverse as Elton John, Russell Watson, KT Tunstall, Michael Ball, Marti Pellow, Suzi Quatro, Il Divo, Barbara Windsor, Stan Sulzmann, Pete Long, Norma Winstone and Frank Ricotti – to name just a few!
With a huge repertoire spanning eight decades of popular music, this fantastic ensemble is guaranteed to transform the atmosphere of your event with it’s unique and distinctive sound.

For making your occasion more musical with our jazz band, please contact us at 07855 488462 or you can fill out the booking enquiry form in our website.

Guitar Music

Summer is coming up and taking guitar lessons would be one good way to enjoy it. When deciding in which type of summer class to enroll into, you should first understand the difference between acoustic and electric guitar lessons lessons.

Aside from the fact that acoustic and electric guitar differ commonly in terms of electric connectivity, there are lots of important factors that make them unique from each other.

To help you discern both of them, here is a list of the differences between acoustic and electric guitar lessons:

1. First of all, when you choose to learn to play the acoustic guitar. You will be handling a six-string instrument with a hollow wood framework whereas in electric guitar lessons, you will use an instrument made of either metal or wood with attached electronic devices.

2. As the framework is different, so is the sound produced when played by the guitarist. The difference between acoustic and electric guitar lessons is that for electric you will learn how to produce distortion sounds while skillfully playing electric guitar chords.

When it comes to acoustic guitar, you will be producing sounds that are very clear which comes from the vibrations on the hollow body of the guitar while you are strumming acoustic chords.

3. When it comes to playing guitar, whether it’s acoustic or electronic, you need to be able to know the basics such as being able to play open and barred chords, knowing how to string and tune the guitar as well as learn how to use the pick.

When it comes to electric guitars, you need to learn the how to use the electric pick as well as other knobs and buttons on the instrument.

4. Patience and practice are integral in the process of guitar playing but the main difference between acoustic and electric guitar lessons is that you need to double your effort when it comes to pressing down the strings of acoustic guitar compared to the electric guitar.

5. Acoustic guitar lessons prep you for a solo performance wherein most people prefer acoustic guitarists performing alone than electric guitar musicians doing a single piece. For short, acoustic guitar playing, it is best for live, solo performance whereas electric guitar playing is very suitable for rock bands to complement and enhance the beat of loud music.

6. When it comes to equipments being used, there is a good difference as for acoustic guitars you need only a pick, optional tuner and no other electronic devices, except in such cases that you want it amplified. Electric guitars however always come together with electronic devices such as amplifiers, pedals, and cables to be able to give a good performance.

Learning acoustic and electric guitar will enhance the enjoyment of one’s life as one’s talent is being developed. It is thus recommended to start searching for a good guitar teacher right away or start browsing the net and embark on a personal guitar learning quest for this summer.

Guitar Music

Several people need to learn to play the guitar but never get to actually commit to doing it. It’s a real shame because the guitar is one of the most desirable musical instruments. It has a great sound and it might be used to play almost any kind of song or melody, plus it is relatively easy to carry around. Also with all these features a guitar has, it is certainly not the lack of desire that keeps most people from learning how to play the guitar.

In fact, in most cases it has to do with time and money. Most of us simply don’t have the time to commute to guitar classes or afford to pay for a personal guitar instructor. Moreover, any schools are just not aimed at the average person whoever just wants to learn to play a few tunes, but rather focus on more advanced guitar courses.

The solution to all this would be teaching yourself how to play the guitar. But it does seem nearly impossible doesn’t it? Well, it used to be. I mean, how is it possible to learn to play music from a book or something, right? It’s not! But we’re not talking about books in the first place!

We’re talking about computer-based multimedia guitar courses that you can buy on the Internet. Think about it, a multimedia course will not only let you know how a tune is meant to be played, but will also allow you to record and compare your performance to the correct one. And as far as practice is concerned, you can see video instruction of basic guitar exercises and play it back as many times as necessary until you “get it”.

Furthermore, a PC-based guitar course will allow you to go at your own pace which may even be faster that the pace many schools or many instructors teach their students. Add to that the fact that you’ll be saving a huge amount of time and money and you have mostly all reason in the world to try an online guitar course at a fraction of the cost.

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Indie music is a type of alternative rock which exists in the independent music world. The word is periodically used to refer to all underground music, and is the opposite of indie pop music. Indie rock music places an emphasis on electric instruments such guitars and drums. Musicians in the genre are also known for using abstract sounds. The term indie rock is used because musicians work under smaller record labels instead of the major record companies.

Though indie rock is not technically a genre, it is considered to represent the underground culture in many aspects. Indie artists are known for demanding a large amount of creative control over their music, and this is something which generally alienates them from larger companies. Indie artists will strictly rely on word of mouth, tours, and independent radio stations in order to promote their music. Many of the popular artist will end up becoming popular with mainstream audiences, and may be signed by large record labels.

In the US indie music is considered to be a spin off from alternative rock. The movement is believed to have been started during the 1970s or 1980s. The indie rock music of the 1980s had a sounds which were described as being heavy and distorted. By the 1990s, indie music groups such as Nirvana and Pearl Jam became mainstream, and the genre became more widespread. Once the genre became popular, major record companies begin investing large amounts of money in it.

Once this happened, the term “alternative rock” became more of a misnomer. Traditionally, many musicians who have signed with major record companies were considered to be “sell outs” by their hardcore fans. My Original Music is a indie music site located at myoriginalmusic. com. Here you can find music by independent artists from all over the world. Today, indie rock is a term which has come to describe a wide variety of music. The term indie rock has been applied to psychedelic folk, synth-pop, and post-punk.

Sometimes the term indie rock becomes blurred, and any believe that the word will soon disappear much like alternative rock did. Mainstream artists such as Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys have been known to reach high levels on the indie music charts, especially in the United Kingdom. Some mainstream artists have even been signed to independent record labels. Many popular indie music artist become mainstream, and once this happens, they are no longer independent.

Despite the fact that many indie artists become mainstream, this is not always the case. In fact, most independent artists are not mainstream, and do not wish to be. Money may be a motivating factor, but many artists play their music for the passion and not the money. Many major record labels exert a large amount of control over their artists, and the music which is sold is more generally the product of the record companies than the artists themselves. Because of this, many artists have fought with the major record labels over creative control of their music.