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When you learn to read guitar sheet music it will be vital in expanding your guitar playing skills. Playing by ear will only get you so far and I’m here to help take it to the next step. I will show you some basic tips and tricks to help you learn to read guitar sheet music and hopefully that’ll make you a better and more versatile guitar player.

I will now give you a list that’ll show you it isn’t hard to learn to read guitar sheet music.

Finding the right material

Most guitar books will have some basic sheet music and songs in the front pages that are designed to help you learn to read guitar sheet music quickly. Once you have basic guitar knowledge it is relatively easy to learn to read guitar sheet music. Start in small sections, one chord at a time. Use your guitar and play the chord out loud until you know it sounds correct.
Setting your self up

You will need to be in a small quite room where you won’t be distracted by anything when you learn to read guitar sheet music. The only way to know when you get it right is if it sounds right and it may be difficult do that if you have screaming kids in the room with you or loud street noise outside. Concentration is key and this will make it easier to learn how to read guitar sheet music. If you’re distracted you may find a whole day may be wasted trying to focus.

Getting started

Remember what I said, be free from distraction! I cannot stress that enough. Now you’re alone and it’s quiet, find a music book with sheet music, try to pick something easy but also try to pick something you’re familiar with. It makes it much easier to learn to read guitar sheet music if you’re familiar with the tune. Make sure you’re confident with one piece before you move on to the next.

Continue practicing

Continue to practice as much as you can, you’ll find that the better you get the more you’ll practice. When you enjoy something you’ll commonly apply more time to it. Trying to learn to read guitar sheet music is easy when you practice! Once you have mastered reading sheet music then you can attempt to write you own music and that’s where the real fun begins! It is essential to make sure you’re confident or you’ll only have to go back and learn to read guitar sheet music all over again.

Guitar Music

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Music Editing Software

Music editing is becoming an ever more popular hobby. With the use of powerful Music editing software, it is possible for the average person to make their very own beats, music, or complete musical composures. Two of the most common ones in use are Fruity Loops Studio and Acid Pro by Sonic Foundry. Master these two programs, and you’ll be able to compose music and beats you’ve never dreamed of.

The two programs feature extensive tutorials on how to use the program, but for beginners, i recommend reading up on how music is actually made, and get any general terminologies down. This will make the learning process faster, easier, and far less frustrating. Both Fruity Loops and Acid pro they have there up’s and down’s. for instance, Acid Pro is much quicker and easier to simply mix and piece together music files to create a final product. Fruity Loops however, is way more powerful when creating music from scratch. The two effectively accentuate each other.

If your a serious musician or just fooling around for any fun, these two music creation software applications are a good choice.

Guitar Music

Learning blues guitar can be frustrating if you don’t know what guitar scales to use. Because of that, in this blues guitar lesson we’ll take a look at another really common scale used in blues soloing. Once you master this guitar scale, you’ll have another great weapon in your lead guitar arsenal! So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at it now…

**Blues Guitar Scale #2: The Major Pentatonic Scale**

This is one of my favorite sounding guitar scales! To my ears, it has a very bright, open and happy sound to it. Some of my students comment that its sound reminds them of country guitar. (But let’s not hold that against it! You can also use it to great effect in blues guitar solos).

The major pentatonic scale is a five note guitar scale that has this formula…

1 2 3 5 6

This formula tells us what we need to do to the major scale in order to construct this scale. As an example, we’ll work out the notes of C major pentatonic scale…

Step 1:

Write down the notes that the C major scale uses. Here are the notes we get by doing this…


Step 2:

Remove the fourth and seventh notes from the C major scale. We do this because the formula of the major pentatonic scale doesn’t contain a 4 or a

7. This gives us the following notes…


These are the notes of the C major pentatonic scale. Pretty easy huh?

You now know the theory behind the major pentatonic scale, so what’s the next step? Putting it into practice! I believe that learning theory without actually playing it on your guitar is an absolute waste of time. We all know guitarists who know a LOT of theory, but their playing still sucks! Because I don’t want this to happen to you, here are a few suggestions to help

you apply this scale to your guitar…

– Map the notes of the C major pentatonic scale onto a fretboard diagram.

– Make up some fingering for it on your guitar. There are no real rules. As long as you stick to the notes C D E G and A, you are playing the C major pentatonic scale.

– Make up some licks that use the C major pentatonic scale.

– Practice soloing over some blues backing tracks using the scale.

– Work out the licks and solos of your favorite guitar players.

The possibilities are endless! The more ways you apply the major pentatonic scale to your guitar the better. Be creative, work hard, and most importantly. . . have fun!

Guitar Music

This article gives a review of a top free music download site. There are so many dubious music sites on the Internet, and so I offer to you a site that has given me great success.

When you decide that its time to download music off the Internet, it might be a complete nightmare when starting to look.

The issue of downloading illegal music makes the situation even worse, and so you are left in the dark and end up either not downloading any music, or spending money on several different sites hoping that they’ll fit your needs.

We are all aware of the major music download sites, such as Napster and iTunes which are the sites that pop into your head when you think of downloading music, but there are many other sites out there that give you the same choice and quality at a much cheaper price, or even for free.
This is because those companies are smaller, with fewer overheads and advertising costs and therefore they can afford to lower their prices and achieve a competitive advantage over the major players.

In fact, many of these cheaper sites only charge a one-off small time fee and from there you can download as much free music as you wish. There are no restrictions on the volume of music that you can download or on the speed at which you download.

These sites give you almost unlimited freedom.

On the other hand, the well-known sites that I mentioned earlier commonly charge you per song, which can mount up to a serious amount of money (almost the same as buying a CD in a shop), and also they have restrictions on download speeds and volumes which might be extremely frustrating; especially when you have paid a decent amount of money.

You might be asking yourselves why the big brand name companies charge more than these other sites and I’ve been pondering this for a long time.

I think it maybe due to the fact that these companies are so well-known, and they’re aware of this. Consequently, they’re confident that the majority of people looking for a music download service will come to them, and beautiful much only them because of the trust people have for a brand.

Through knowing this, they realize they can charge a little extra than others without losing much custom.

We all know that brands are more expensive than non-brand things and most of the time non-brand things are of the same or even higher quality.

For example, when I go to the supermarket, there are certain products that I buy which are non-branded; not solely because I want to save money, but because I know that this certain product is of the same quality if not higher quality. Therefore, in this case why not save?

I’ve come across a free music download site that has been positively reviewed by many happy customers. It offers you an alarming range of mp3s to download from, up to 14 million in fact.

Furthermore, the speed at which you download the music is lightning and there are no download limits. If you wish to burn the music onto a CD then if offers you this option, and if you ever get stuck there is free 24 hour support so no need to panic if you are not a computer wiz!

If you check the sites ranking on you will see that it comes in the top 11,000 most popular sites in the world. Personally I find this extremely impressive for just a music download site, especially when Napster is ranked in the 50,000s.

This traffic knowledge for me reinforces that it is a creditable site.

In my experience, I’ve had great luck in this site and to be honest it is a hidden gem. Even the quality of the music is of the highest caliber and so I highly recommend this to you.

I know how frustrating it might be to find an honest site, and so I hope I’ve relieved a little of the pain of searching around and looking through reviews.

If you do not find the site to your liking, you are more than entitled to a refund so really there isn’t much to lose. I hope this article has been informative to you, and good luck in finding a free music download site.

Rock Music

Although it is still illegal to suffer released composition lacking paying royalties to artists and file labels bands and artists you can take note to online composition on behalf of released to download roll up.

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Guitar Music

Your first step when you learn how to play air guitar is finding out what air guitar is. It is not just pretending to play guitar there is a lot more to it then that, try to think of it as expressing technique through your movements and making it a visually pleasing experience.
To start with I will give some steps to follow to make your air guitar expericane more enjoyable and how to setup a good environment to that will assist you when you learn how to play air guitar.

Your environment

You will need to have a big room to practice in when you learn how to play air guitar as it can get a tiny crazy sometimes. Try and clear all large objects out the room and beware of anything overhead as several have been injured when they first start to learn how to play air guitar. You will not need to worry about the noise created from the air guitar as this is a silent art form.


There will be no real need for preparation, but one thing you might need to do is stretch a tiny and warm up as many muscles as you can because it can get pretty physical when trying to learn how to play air guitar. Any serious injury could mean the end of a good air guitarist’s career and there is just not enough air guitarists’ in the world as it is so please be careful at all times.


Some people do not realize the rock fitness required when you learn how to play air guitar, but it is very physically demanding instrument. Try to work out at least once a day to maintain peak physical fitness.
You will need to focus most of the time on your arms as they will be used the most when you learn how to play air guitar and remember what I stated before be very careful not to hurt yourself.

Pick your tunes

When it comes to picking the music you wish to play when you learn how to play air guitar try to steer clear of things like Frank Sinatra and Britney Spears, as these do not lend themselves well to air guitar. Try and pick something with good guitar riffs and long solos because not much fun when you are standing around waiting, for you cue to start.

Now remember when you learn how to play air guitar use it wisely as the air guitar may be a powerful tool that should not be taken lightly. I think the most important thing you should take away from this is that fitness is the most important asset to an air guitarist and you will need to maintain good physical health. Most people may think that the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle is all fun and games but it takes serious dedication to be any good.

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Styles and choices in wedding bands have changed drastically over the past few years. Because everyone seems to be looking for something that is unique and different, jewelers are offering more choices than ever before. This leads to a small dilemma, however. With so many different styles now being offered, how do you know whether the band you choose is truly unique? People don’t want something that is just a non-traditional style anymore. People want something that no one else has anywhere. This can be a tall order to fill. Still, even if you cannot manage something completely unique, at least you can find a wedding band that is different enough it will get attention and possibly turn a few heads.

Custom Ordering

This is perhaps the best way to find a truly unique wedding band. It is also one of the most expensive. Although the Internet makes custom ordering much more accessible than it ever was before, you can still expect to pay more for your custom ordered band than you would for any other type of wedding ring. If you are completely set on having a truly unique wedding band, however, this is the way to go.

Tension Set bands:

A very interesting style of wedding band that has started becoming popular is the tension set wedding band. These rings are not a traditional solid circle but instead have a split in the design. In this split a stone is set so that it is held in place by the tension of the opposing ends of the ring. There are positive and negative aspects to choosing a ring with a tension setting, but it is a design that gets noticed. Tension set wedding bands can be custom ordered as well, so the opportunity is still there for something truly unique.

Celtic Wedding Bands:

Wedding bands with attractive Celtic design patterns have been rising in popularity, but are still far from the norm. With so many different Celtic braid and weave designs available, it is easy to have a ring that at least appears to be unique. There are a lot of companies that can do Celtic designs according to custom specifications as well and, because these companies specialize in this type of work, a custom ordered Celtic wedding band is typically less costly than other types of custom bands. When looking for a unique wedding band, a Celtic design may be the way to go.

It is typically said that there is nothing new under the sun. This old adage may be true, but there are at least options in every situation. The search for a unique wedding band need not be fruitless. Even if you cannot find or afford a true one-of-a-kind ring, the options and differences in kinds available will at least help you find something that is unique to you. And is not that really all you could ask for? If your wedding band is consistently admired and you hear the question “Where’d you get that” quite often, you can feel satisfied that you’ve found a unique wedding band.

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As the next big thing in the guitar Hall of Fame, you need your free guitar sheet music, and you need it bad. Well, you’re not going to get it by pining away all day. It’s not going to miraculously rain down on you. As the Bible very accurately says, “Seek and ye shall find. ”

Where do you search?

It is raining free guitar sheet music online. The Internet is crawling with it. If feel you are not getting your fair share, then there is certainly something wrong with the way you are searching. Or perhaps you’re just looking in the wrong places. When you limit yourself to search engines, chances are your search will return with a lot of irrelevant sites. That can be very frustrating.

The use of search engines demands the use of specific keywords if you need the right results. With the right keywords search engines like Yahoo, Google, and MSN will help you find free guitar sheet music. If it’s free guitar sheet music that you want, then that’s exactly what you should demand, and that’s exactly what you’re going to get. And if you’re specifically looking for a Hendrix or Clapton song, by all means, type in the artist’s name and the song title. That ought to get you somewhere. Painstakingly scan through the search results to get to the website that offers the free guitar sheet music you have in mind. When you’ve found the site with free guitar sheet music of your dreams, check out their other offerings, such as CDs, e-books, guitar accessories, and guitar lessons. These sites have forums and links to partner websites where you can have access to more information and free guitar sheet music.

Getting into the groove

Joining guitar forums is a good way of acquiring access to more information, news, and other guitar trivia. If you’re lucky, you’ll even meet a kindred spirit or two. It is a wide guitar world out there. Your new buddies can tell you about the latest guitar sites and the best guitar deals online. They can also help you locate free guitar sheet music that you cannot find through search engines. You can even join discussions and debates about the best bands and the best blues or bass guitarists. You may even pick up guitar tricks and techniques that others like yourself have acquired through years of guitar playing, or share some of your own.

Other means to get free guitar sheet music is from website partners. While your poking around a site, look for links partners, resources, and other links. You’ll find yourself in similar websites and find more free guitar sheet music.

Yet another way to get free guitar sheet music is using notation software. These nifty things can transcribe MIDI files into high quality guitar sheet music. You can view the notes on the screen of your PC as they are played. Print these sheets and voila! You have free guitar sheet music.

Collecting collector’s items

In your search for free guitar sheet music, you’re likely to find gems that will add up beautifully to your private collection. Guitar e-books and albums are also valuable stuff that you may be dying to have. Most of these are not free but if you are a true aficionado, you’re not likely to let them get away.

Remember that you can never learn too much guitar. Find the time to browse for free lessons. You cannot go wrong with further study is you need to be great. You’ll chance upon them on several websites, if you can be bothered to look. Get those guitar demos on videos. What you will see will explain a lot of things from those online guitar lessons.

Know what you need and go get it, and when you do, don’t stop there. Searching free guitar sheet music online can indeed give you so much more.

Live Bands

Hello Cairo!

As we approach what looks set to be a cold and gusty weekend in Cairo, the city’s bars, clubs, theatres and venues are heating up.

Kicking off the weekend on Thursday, O Bar proudly presents Italian DJ, Angelo Paciotti, at ‘This is Rome’, while Tamarai hosts foxy Greek DJ, Ms. Lefki. Cairo Jazz Club, meanwhile, hosts a double bill of live music, with the Cadillacs and Cold shot, while Saigon Restaurant & Lounge welcomes sultry songstress, Ellie of London, for Disco Divas.

Elsewhere, Alchemy invites one and all for vodka-dedicated night, Shiver, while another edition of Buddha Bar’s Ladies’ Night returns with a nifty little buy-one-get-one-free offer on cocktails.

On a different note, the Egyptian Modern Dance Theatre Company performs ‘Mawlana’ at El Gomhouria Theatre and celebrated Venezuelan musician, Cheo Hurtado, graces the stages of Cairo Opera House, while cultural hub, Darb1718, hosts an eye-opening play about the pains of imprisonment, ‘Once Upon a Time Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow’.

Getting in the festive spirit, 50A Concept Store hold a weekend of Christmas celebrations and the French Institute host their annual Christmas market, ‘Marche de Noel’.

On Friday, Ibiza DJ and Sahl Hasheesh resident, Axel Fowley, kicks of his Cairo tour at Tamarai, while talented local rapper, Dawsha, hits Downtown’s VENT.

Elsewhere on Cairo’s nightlife landscape, DJs Zalat and Shawky get grimy at Cairo Jazz Club and Amici Heliopolis goes Levantine for Lebanese Treats

More nourishing to the brain, French choreographer, Olivier Dubois, premieres new dance performance, ‘Souls’, at Falaki Theatre, while this week’s screening at Artellewa screen is My Left Foot, starring Daniel Day Lewis.

Rounding off the weekend on Saturday, more local music comes courtesy of Cherine’s Project and Sahara at Cairo Jazz Club and enigmatic electronic music act, GradTude, at Balcon Lounge. There are more shenanigans at Amici Heliopolis, with jocks-and-cheerleaders party, Homecoming, while 100Copies Music Space welcomes electronic musician, GAST, to the stage and VENT hosts its first Poetry Slam.

Meanwhile, Palm Hills get festive with a special Christmas Bazaar and Festival, as does the First Mall, offering an exclusive shopping experience at The First Holiday Bling.

Cairo’s artists are out in full force across the city’s galleries, with new exhibitions this week coming in the form of Khodair El Borsaidy’s calligraphy exhibition at Picasso Art Gallery, ‘The House of Sleep’ at recently opened Gypsum Gallery and ‘Blink 2’ at Medrar. One of the biggest exhibitions of the week comes at Downtown’s CIC; ‘References*: Artists Activating the Archive’.

Wrap up warm, have a great weekend and check out the Cairo 360 event calendar for more!

Read original article Cairo Weekend Guide: Live Music, International DJs & Christmas Festivities on Cairo 360

Live Bands

Music is loved by people of all age groups and interests. This is the reason why this entertainment industry is doing so well. Young talents across the globe strive hard to enter this industry looking for fame and name. The budding talents in search of an opportunity often perform without licensing their work. For this reason, their piece of work loses identity and any other people take advantage of it. Such ill fate of promising young talents has given birth to several music licensing companies across the globe.

A music licensing company shoulders great responsibility by protecting the rights of a music composer. A licensed work under any circumstances cannot be used or copied without prior permission of the original creator. Breach of this term is deemed as illegal. A license in other words is a contract made between the company issuing the license and the artist. Besides the protection of work, the contract also serves as a steady source of income for the individual artist.

There is no denying to the fact that music plays a crucial role in plays and movies. Music also plays an important part in the promotion of several products and services. Nobody can argue with the role of music in creating an emotional element or a sense of bondage with the advertised product. Music is an important part of our daily life, and we will have to accept that we cannot live without it. The demand for quality music, irrespective of their purpose, is growing everyday. New Bands representing new talents is coming up to fill the need. These relatively fresh bands provide the much needed business to these music licensing companies.

A music licensing company should ensure that the artist will be able to earn even when he is not working by making way for incoming royalty. This is a great plus for the artist with which he can live life comfortably without any fear. Such assurance provides him confidence and it reflects on his performance. The upcoming new bands take pride from this and shoulder their responsibility with great interest.

When an artists’ piece of work is recognized and utilized as a background score in leading movies, not only it provides an additional income opportunity but it also gives him an enormous exposure in front of a knowledgeable audience. The doors of international fame and recognition await him. Recognition in terms of money becomes unimaginable. The entire scenario just creates a launching platform for the artist to perform even better. He gets inspired and raises his level a couple of notches up from the norm. Soon he gets flooded with exciting offers that earlier he could not even visualize in his wildest dreams. A reputed music licensing company can help you to pursue your passion and attain great heights of success.
However, though all these may seem very encouraging and promising, you should not forget that there is no better substitute for hard work and dedication.