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Stolen Horses is becoming a very popular country music band in Grand Rapids, MI. They are playing at a lot of local bars and even traveling as far as Wisconsin and Indiana for special events. One of the regular bars that Stolen Horses plays at is the Twisted Bull in Grand Rapids, MI. There are Bands at Twisted Bull all Friday and Saturday night. This is one of their most adored bars and David Lyle, lead singer, really enjoys their quality service and hospitality. Even being a lower capacity bar, they fill it night after night with great live music, great food, and excellent service. Another bar that Stolen Horses Plays at is the Intersection in Grand Rapids. Local Country Bands at the Intersection have the privilege of opening up for National Acts that come into town. About all month, Stolen Horses gets the opportunity to do this which really builds their resume and value. Even being a short 45 minute show, the band really gets excited to show what they got on stage at a venue that can hold over a thousand people. The service at this particular venue is also very superb. Another great bar that the Stolen Horses band plays at is the Cowboy Up Bar in Mendon, MI. Local Country Bands at Cowboy Up get the chance to play a lot of line dancing tunes being that they have a huge line dancing floor. The bar gets packed all Friday and Saturday night with people from all over the place. Stolen Horses has a few particular songs that really gets the crowd going at this place including Copper Head Road, She Things My Tractors Sexy, and The Barn Dance. The last time Stolen Horses played there was at their New Years Party which really brought in a ton of fun country music fans. To find out more about country music band Stolen Horses visit If you are interested in bookings contact Brandy Smith.

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