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Other places Das Wanderlust can be found.

Das Wanderlust on Bandcamp
Quite simply the single best resource for bands on the internet. Download our music in any format at a price you set, buy a CD or 7" single, or help spread our music like a horrible disease with the embedded player... its awesome.

Das Wanderlust on MySpace
We're on MySpace. Who isn't, eh? Bet you've never lost a drummer because of it though.

Das Wanderlust on Last.fm
Last.fm will let you listen to all our stuff for free, then recommend you a load of stuff it thinks you will like, but you won't like.

Das Wanderlust on Facebook
You want us on Facebook extra cheese no pickles? You got us on Facebook extra cheese no pickles.

Our album's up on Spotify, along with loads of other stuff that's actually good too (now including Wings).

Record labels who help us.

Cherryade Records
Another great DIY label, who have released albums by our friends The Bobby McGees, The Lovely Eggs, and loads more besides. We've been on a couple of their compilations, and are talking to them about doing more stuff presently. The link takes you straight to their shop.

Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records
Happy Happy Birthday To Me are a great DIY label based in the USA. They work closely with Cherryade Records, and we have it on authority that Mike who runs the label is a thoroughly good egg.

Other folk who help us.

Sainted PR
You see all that press we've had? We haven't actually got that because we're any good, we've got it because journalists are stupid and have to be told what music to write about. We're lucky in that Leah from Sainted PR tells them to write about us, and she's awesome because seemingly unlike everyone else in the music world she doesn't stick loads of cocaine up her hooter.

Rocket PR
The same applies to the vast majority of radio shows, the producers are far too busy to find music for themselves, so if a band have a potential 'crossover hit' on their bands and they want to stand even the remotest chance of getting it played by the less 'specialist' indie/rock shows then they need these people called 'radio pluggers' to tell the producers that a song is really kickin'. Sad, isn't it? Luke at Rocket does this for us. He's a fine, upstanding chap. Again, no cocaine.

Peppermint Patti
Peppermint Patti are Helen & Anne from Cardiff. They put on brilliant bands at The Chapter Arts Centre, and have helped us out in so many ways we can't even begin to list them. They have brilliant dogs, too. Whippets.

Good media types.

Huw Stephens
Huw Stephens presents shows on BBC Radio 1 and C2 Radio Cymru, and generally pops up all over the place. He is one of the few people out there who will actually play your stuff if you just send it to him. The way it should be. We owe him big time. And to cap it all off he's a smashing bloke.

Marc Riley
Marc Riley's show on BBC 6 Music is great. He's had us in for two live sessions now, and played our debut single to death. Like Huw Stephens, he's another one of the few radio types with integrity. We salute him.

John Kennedy
Its not all BBC, you know. John Kennedy over at Xfm is another. Make a decent sounding record and send it to him, and if he likes it he'll most likely play it. Hurrah!

Everett True
Careless Talk Costs Lives was my favourite music magazine of all time. Plan B was my second favourite. Now they are both dead what the hell am I supposed to read? This is a link to Everett True's blog, who started both mags. He's even more angry about The State Of Things than we are most of the time.

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