D A S * W A N D E R L U S T


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Das Wanderlust are a bedroom pop band, so we asked them to take us on a tour of their home. The band are Laura Simmons (vox, keyboard), Andrew Elliott (keyboard, guitar) and Wesley Stephenson (drums). Laura dropped out of Goldsmiths and moved to the musical hub of the world that is Middlesbrough. There she met Andy through the tiny Teesside music scene and after wading through seven drummers they found Wesley. Laura and Andrew live together by the sea in a little town called Saltburn where Laura hand stitches flyers for their London gigs. Here is a little tour of their home.

These elephants have been in my family for generations. My mother played with them, then her sister, then me, then my brothers, then my cousins, then I took them back because Iím the most important. I like the adultís angry red eyes. I think they were once part of a greater Noahís Ark set. The miniature vase was bought from a Sue Ryder charity shop and featured on the cover of our number two single Puzzle... on top of a miniature piano being played by a miniature ghost.

An African Violet (my absolute favourite plant - reminds me of my grandma), a never-flowering orchid and a lamp made out of salt from Salzburg (present from my mum and dad). Also a Sound of Music soundtrack (the art work is great and I genuinely love musicals). You can also see my knitted rabbit that my Nana knit for me when I was born, my Spanish box with flamenco dancers painted on containing collectable coins and a spider plant.

I have some pirate Russian dolls. This is my favourite one and out of the window you can see our yard. We are letting the weeds grow. Wild poppies have just sprung up.

Hereís the bookcase. We balance postcards and things against the books. This is my favourite shelf. It holds Andyís Maida Vale pass, my 6 Music pass, a Polaroid of our lovely friends Slow Club and one of my Renoirs.

I am allergic to egg. Andy looked up an eggless pancake recipe as a surprise and on pancake day this year I had pancakes for the first time. We now eat pancakes quite often because I have a lifetime of making up to do.

I buy mostly all my clothes from charity shops, not only because I am a tight arse, but because I think itís the right thing to do. People canít just keep consuming and consuming, we all have to start recycling, man. Sweatshops are horrible, shitty modern phenomena and Iím trying really hard not to be part of it, even if itís really hard when youíre a struggling genius who will only truly be appreciated once youíre buried in a cold hole in the ground.

I have started collecting music boxes - what a nice sound they make. These three play The Entertainer, Pop Goes The Weasel, and Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

Das Wanderlust's new album Horses For Courses is out now.

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