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Das Wanderlust - a funny little onliner with the band

We first came across Das Wanderlust playing at a Ladyfest gig in Leeds. We think there were a couple more members at the time, though since we moved to London it's warped our thinking into believing things outside the city don't exist. Simply, we can't remember.

The interview is here. That Laura, she's a funny one. The band are an acquired taste, given, but if you know your L7 from your 7 Year Bitch and can handle a few lo-fi indie melodies, you're onto a winner.

Gay Times May 09 - Issue 368

Das Wanderlust - Online exclusive with the indie punk riot boys and grrrrrrl trio.

Hello, who are you and what do you do in Das Wanderlust?

Hello, I am Laura 'The Susan' Simmons. I play keyboards, and sing, and write all the songs and all the words. I am the leader of the pack.

We've been thinking about the concept of the 'Riot Boy' what do you think that would mean and would the boys in the band agree to that description?

Riot Boys write 'slag' on their stomach in eyeliner and wear belly tops to show it off. They also wear DM's with fishnet tights, leopard print coats and chest glitter. This is how Wesley and Andrew dress pretty much all the time, even just to pop to the shops for milk.

What would you do as a robot?

I would walk down the aisles of the Tesco's at Brookfields Farm, Cheshunt, and scare the shit out of a three year old just like a man dressed as a robot did to me in 1987. Bastard. I've been scared of people dressed up in costumes ever since, and have developed severe Robophobia.

So you're soundtracked on the British Forces Broadcasting Service and Sky Sports 1, what's next? Tempted by Top Gear? A spread in Nuts?

I'm posing nude for the front cover on Nuts, actually, but with all my rude parts airbrushed out. We're also in the process of recording a Kasabian covers album, with all proceeds going to Fathers 4 Justice. Then we've got the bathroom to tile.

More seriously, how do your feminist ideas affect what you do as a band?

Its more about what we don't do do rather than what we do do do. We don't market ourselves as a 'girl fronted band' or anything ridiculous like that, or try to act sexy or whatever. The fact I'm female should be completely irrelevant, I'm just a musician. Bands that make a big deal out of having girls in them are at least as bad if not worse than the bloke-rock indie bands. It does get pretty boring that we only ever get compared to other 'female fronted' bands, journalists are so unimaginitive.

Speaking of which, this is a gay publication, what can Das Wanderlust offer 'The Gays'?

Two hot boys to drool over.

Just how badly do you want to be Kate Nash?

So badly it hurts. She's my inspiration. I love the way she over-enunciates, it makes me feel all funny.

Do the boys ever stop teasing you in the band's blog?


Thank you, Laura 'The Susan' Simmons.

Das Wanderlust's debut album Horses For Courses is out now on Don't Tell Clare Records

original interview here (click)