D A S * W A N D E R L U S T


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Late at night in the RetroBar basement it's Killing Fantasy's 3rd birthday bash, which means lots of beautiful young people wearing T-shirts of bands older than they are and a packed out and naturally appreciative crowd for Middlesbrough's hotly tipped boy-girl riot popsters. Das Wanderlust are probably suffocating under the weight of Help She Can't Swim comparisons, and sure enough their day-glo yelping indie frenzy means the similarities are hard to ignore at times, although the upfront and distinctly Krautrock flavoured keyboard adventures of Wanderluster-in-chief Laura are more like Electrelane on space dust. Both guitar and synth boy Andy (the sole male presence here) and bassist Nat are prone to outbreaks of recorder-blowing, and Laura's vocals range from Bis to Poly Styrene to something approaching a human Theremin, all presented with a slightly manic look in her eyes. Their two minute songs are held together with bits of string and sprinkled with glitter and spice, timings chop and change like they've got a mind of their own and the band are just trying to keep up in a cheerful indie shambling sort of way. Andy does most of the talking, bemoaning the venue's lack of tap water and plugging their new single in a sweetly crap way - "if you do want to buy it, you might want to ask yourself some serious questions..." In fact the main question I'm hearing at the end of this delightfully invigorating half hour is when can we see them again, and the answer is Salford Islington Mill on the 24th February. Take them some sweets.

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